Charlie Griswold Death, Confirmed by Brother B&T Comedian Willie Griswold

Willie Griswold is mourning his brother Charlie Griswold death, which he disclosed on his Instagram account on August 1st.

Charlie Griswold was one of Tom Griswold’s three sons. The Griswold family has yet to issue an official statement addressing his condition and the cause of his death.


Who is Charlie Griswold?

Charlie Griswold was born in the Ohio city of Cleveland. He graduated from University School in Hunting Valley, Ohio, in 1971.

He also holds a literature degree from Columbia University. Griswold is responsible for seven children, three boys, and four girls.

The Griswolds have a total of seven children. Sam, Willie, Lucy, Charlie, Sally, Finley, and Hart are their names. His sister is model Janet Griswold de Villeneuve. Daisy and Poppy de Villeneuve are nieces.

When he went off a motorcycle in the middle of July 2009, he shattered his right arm and shoulder. He was hospitalized for more than a week.

The injury necessitated surgery, which resulted in many screws and an armor plate. On July 30, 2009, he went back on the air.

Meet Tom Griswold: Charlie Griswold’s Father

Tom Griswold is a well-known radio personality of today. His crew refers to him as “the name on the hat.”

Tom stepped into a bar in Petoskey, Michigan, one night and struck up a conversation with Bob Kevoian. The BOB & TOM Show began when the two men happened to cross paths by happenstance.

Charlie Griswold

Tom became known as the neurotic Ivy League graduate who always had something to say and never shut up.

Every morning during the four-hour presentation, Tom is in charge of the room. He is also one of the finest at doing interviews with celebrities.

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Comedian Willie Griswold reports the passing of his younger brother Charlie Griswold

Charlie Griswold is Willie’s younger brother, and he is the second child of co-host of The Bob & Tom Show Tom Griswold.

The Griswold brothers’ elder brother shared the younger’s passing on Instagram today.

“My little brother Charlie died on Friday”, Willie Griswold said in the post.

“I loved Charlie a lot. From home in Indy, the Miami move, sharing a bunk his first summer at camp, it felt like we were always together. Man, we were trouble.”

Well Wishers pays homage to Charlie Griswold

Charlie had a bright mind and a constant desire to learn new things.


He liked being active, and he liked being surrounded by things to do. Charlie attended West Aurora High School from 2014 to 2018.

After that, he studied at Butler University’s Lacy School of Business from 2018 to 2022. When he earned his degree, he studied marketing and finance.

Willie’s Instagram post has garnered dozens, if not hundreds, of supportive responses in the first three hours since it went up.

The late Griswold son and brother have received condolences, messages of support, and tributes from programme viewers and people who knew the family directly.

“I’m so sorry, Willie”, Written by one of their well wisher.

“Sending so much love to you and your family.” by another well wisher


Another adds that Willie and Charlie’s “strong love for each other was so obvious and beautiful”. 

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