Christian Weaver: Brother Mourns The Loss Of His 12-year-old Twin Drowned In Ohio River

On 24th September in Guyandotte, a 12-year-old boy Christian Weaver was found drowning in the Ohio River. At first, his twin brother, who was with him, thought he was just playing like always. But the incident turned tragic.

Christian Weaver’ twin brother Brenton Weaver is highly traumatized by the incident. He opens up about the devastating feelings, he has been going through these days.

Moreover, advises fellow children to be vigilant and not play deep in the river.


Christian Weaver 12-year-old Boy Drowning In Ohio River

According to WSAZ News, Brenton opened up about the tragic incident where he lost his brother. He said that the two were pretty close and always played together.

We always played games, played outside, did everything together

On Saturday, both decided to go swimming along with their friends near the East Huntington Bridge situated close to their residence.

They were spending time at the bridge with their friends. After some time, Brenton and his friends got out of the water but his Twin Christian remained in the river.

The boy Christian Weaver and the only witness revealed that Christian looked as if he was struggling in the water but he didn’t take him seriously. Because the victim did that often.

“At first we thought he was playing, because any other time we swim at the river, he plays like that.”

But later, the incident got much worse and they were late to offer any help. As Christian was very deep in the river.

They contacted 911 for rescue. They were crying and screaming for help but it was too late. Authorities came and did a search operation for 2 hours. Huntington Fire Chief Greg Fuller found the victim’s body.

Christian Weaver was rushed to the Medical examiner’s office.

Christian Weaver
Credit: WSAZ news

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Family Mourns The Loss Of Two Beloved People


The Twin brothers were adopted by their grandparents and lived with them. Weaver family is grieving the loss of two beloved people as their grandfather too left the world on 25th September due to a health disease.

A family Friend said- “He was a very smiley, very huggable child.”

Late. Christian Weaver’s grandmother describes him as extremely lovable and loved to give hugs.

Twin Brother Traumatized By The Incident

Brenton says it’s difficult living without a brother. Further, he urged other children to not swim in the river deep as it could lead to tragedy.

Weaver’s friends, family, and acquaintances came together at his house for a candlelight vigil.

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