Christina Najjar aka Tinx, The TikTok Star Apologizes to Kim Kardashian for Calling Her ‘Fat’

After some of Tinx’s past tweets resurfaced, the influencer apologized. TikTok star Tinx has apologized for her past comments, saying Kim Kardashian was “fat” and Tori Spelling “ugly and pathetic.” She wrote on Instagram: “I am a work in progress”. So, social media influencer Tinx has apologized for some of the posts she made in the past.


Christina Najjar Apologizes to Kim Kardashian

“Guys, I messed up, and I will apologize and be open with you,” Christina Najjar wrote in her Instagram post on Sunday.

I sent some genuinely nasty, mean, horrible tweets about 10 years ago. I called people I had never met fat, pathetic, and ugly. It is ironic because Kim Kardashian is my idol.

The “big sister” of TikTok, Najjar’s videos on TikTok range from funny videos, including “Rich Mom Starter Pack,” to dating advice.

Sophie Ross, a writer, and editor who has written about them over the weekend on the subreddit r/tinxsnark is currently discussing them.


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Christina Najjar, the TikTok Star Apologizes

Najjar wrote on her apology note that her past tweets were “mean-spirited” and that she had been “deeply, deeply insecure” at the time.

According to her, she hated herself and had trouble dealing with her body. She was also incredibly lost. “So I disguised myself as a mean tweeter and got a laugh, but it doesn’t work.”

It’s only insecure people who punch down. And insecure people are the ones who make others the punch line,” she added. “Hurt people hurt people, and I know my words caused hurt. If you’ve followed me even a little, you know that they do not represent who I am.
Sincerely, I am a work in progress.”

Tinx with Kim Kardashian
Image: Tinx with Kim Kardashian

Her fans reacted favorably to Najjar’s apology, but others pointed out in the comments that she had not addressed her recent tweets, especially those related to where the pandemic originated. Ross and others found several tweets that were as recently as 2020.


In a comment that garnered over 500 likes, one person said, “What about some anti-Asian Covid stuff from 2020?”. Najjar did not immediately answer the insider’s request for comment.

Christina Najjar

Tinx is the stage name for the content creator and influencer Christina Najjar. Because of her advice about relationships and mental health, she has dub “TikTok’s older sister” by users. “Starter packs for rich moms” is a series she writes about dating advice, celebrity commentary, and celebrity commentary. Here

is her TikTok account.

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