Coby Jerome Jordan and Molly Michele Jarrett, Alabama Couple, Arrested & Charged for Kidnapping

Two residents of Alabama Coby Jerome Jordan and Molly Michele Jarrett have been arrested for kidnapping a teenage girl and taking her to Florida. There the girl was beaten, bound and also dumped under a tree. This was reported as per the police.

The kidnappers, namely, Coby Jerome Jordan and Molly Michele Jarrett had kidnapped the girl.


How did the Incident take place?

Coby Jerome Jordan is 22 years old and Molly Michelle Jarrett is 19 years old. They picked up the minor girl a day earlier. Coby then met up with two women, also including accused Molly Michelle Jarrett.

The victim teenage girl was taken at about 1 a.m. on Saturday to a building that was abandoned. In the abandoned building, Jordan allegedly beat her and he also bound her hands along with her feet. After a short span of time, the victim girl was dropped off under a tree. She was left alone from where she escaped eventually.


According to the reports released by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, the concerned deputies had found a minor teenage girl. Her hands were tied behind her back. After this, investigators determined that she was picked up by Coby Jordan on the Friday night.

Concerned Deputies of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office had responded to a call at about 6:15 a.m. on Saturday. It was about a possible abduction. The call was from a local resident who had noticed the girl. The victim was afterwards transported over the state lines into Florida.

Moreover, as per reports, Jackson County Sheriff deputies traced the accused persons in Houston County, Alabama, along with the Houston County deputies.

Court records of Florida clearly show Jordan being a resident of Dothan and Jarrett being a resident of nearby borders of Houston County. Jarrett during the arrest was costumed as Raven who is known as the DC comic superhero.

In the release by the Jackson County, Sheriff Edenfield particularly thanked the Houston County Sheriff, Donald Valenza along with his office for their assistance in tracing the suspects and successful arrest of the accused persons.

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Charges on the Accused

Jordan has been charged with robbery, tampering with the victim, false imprisonment along with battery.

Meanwhile, Jarrett has been charged with being a principal in the first degree to robbery and being a principal in the first degree to false imprisonment. She has also been charged with being the principal in the first degree to tampering with a victim and principal in the first degree to battery also.

The two accused, Jarett and Coby are currently being held in the Houston County Jail. They will be transported again back to the Jackson County to face their respective first appearance. It is still unclear if the victim knew any of the suspects before the kidnapping took place.


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