Courtney Clenney Boyfriend Murder Case Update: New Body Footage is Out

Courtney Clenney, 26, was arrested on April for allegedly killing her boyfriend. However new bodycam footage came out that proves otherwise. In that footage, she was seen begging for the police to help her. This footage was apparently two days before she stabbed her boyfriend.


Who is Courtney Clenney?

Courtney Clenney is a popular Instagram influencer and an OnlyFans creator. She has over 2 million Instagram followers. She was dating Christian for less than 2 years.

On April 3, this year, she got into a serious argument followed by a fight with Christian Obumseli, her boyfriend. According to the neighbours, this was not a new thing and sometimes they fought so loudly that the authorities wanted to expel them.

She then apparently stabbed him in an act of self defense. She got arrested while she was in Hawaii attending a Rehab for four months. The authorities slapped her with a second degree murder charge.

Courtney Clenney

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What was in the footage of Courtney Clenney?

The bodycam footage was recorded by a Miami police officer and obtained by WSVN. In that video, the police noted that Clenney “appeared intoxicated”. Furthermore, with tears in her eyes, she explained that her boyfriend was stalking her and was living in an elevator entrance in front of her apartment. She further said that she had cut ties with him most recently.

“I have not always been a victim, but like right now I am the victim in this situation”, she said. “I want a restraining order against Christian Obumseli. I’m serious. Where can I do that? How can I make myself first? ‘Cause I know him and I know he’ll do it”, she told the police.

Courtney Clenney

However, the police told her that she will only get the restraining order in the courthouse. Apart from that, they said that entering into her house was impossible as Christian was also lived there.

Besides this, the security guard told the police that her boyfriend launched at her in the building’s lobby. “We get down here to the lobby area, and her boyfriend comes charging towards her”, the guard informed the police.

Lawyer’s comment

“It’s very clear from the video she looks upset. She’s emotional. She’s crying”. Clenney’s upset that she can’t even walk her dogs all day for fear of being followed by Obumseli”, her attorney Sabrina Puglisi informed. Sabrina also declared that she has the necessary proofs about her client being physically abused.


Courtney Clenney’s 911 call

Courtney apparently called 911 after stabbing her boyfriend in which she was crying for help. “My boyfriend is dying of a stab wound!”, she screamed in the recording. She can also be heard apologizing to Christian.

After this, Christian said, “I can’t feel my arm”, twice. When asked about why she killed him, she said that she acted on self defense. Her boyfriend had apparently grabbed her throat and held her against the wall.


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