Courtney Tailor Used to Attack Boyfriend Christian Obumseli Months Before Killing Him

The OnlyFans model Courtney Tailor, in a shocking video seen attacking her boyfriend months before killing him.

Courtney Tailor, in horrific security footage seen getting violent with Christian Obumseli, her now deceased boyfriend. The shocking footage obtained by police sees the OnlyFans model beating up her boyfriend in an elevator with violent punches and kicks. The incident took place months before Tailor fatally stabbed her partner.

The 26-year-old model, two months before murdering Christian Obumseli, her27-year-old boyfriend in Miami, launched a vicious assault on him. Prosecutors buried a mountain of evidence they had gathered against Courtney before releasing the video.


What exactly is this incident?

On April 3, Courtney Tailor was accused of fatally stabbing Christian Obumseli in their lavish residence. The incident took place in Miami’s One Paraiso complex. The two had a relationship for the past two years. They broke up several times in January and at the beginning of April.

Courtney Tailor and Christian Obumseli
Courtney Tailor and Christian Obumseli (Instagram/courtneytailor)

Days before Tailor kills her boyfriend Obumseli, she banished him from their apartment in the last week of march. The records also detailed their frequent arguments while they were still living in Austin, Texas. An incident states the model threw a large painting from their balcony. When questioned, she replied it had been close and personal.


During the death of Christain police discovered Cortuney covered in blood in her Miami condo. She was allowed to leave since it was believed that she had acted in self-defense. Now the video footage showing Tailor assaulting her boyfriend has charged her with second-degree murder.

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What is in the video footage of Courtney Tailor?

One-minute security footage of February shows the couple in an elevator. There Courtney is unable to touch the screen and select her floor. This resulted in her bashing the screen.

Christain enters the elevator and tries to calm Courtney down. In response, she turns and starts hitting him. Before Obumeseli tries to hold her down and shove her back, Tailor continues to hit him and pull at his hair.

Before pressing the elevator button for their floor, the boyfriend sought to detain the model by tucking her under his arm. He attempted to avoid her violent strikes, but she kept coming at him repeatedly. The attack from the OnlyFan model continued till they both were out in the corridor and shouting at each other.


According to police, her mother told authorities she was on the phone with Courtney when the murder took place. She overheard her daughter yelling at Christian to leave and accusing him of “lying.”

The affidavit claims that her mother instructed her via text message to cite “self-defense” and to refrain from speaking to investigators without an attorney.
Tailor continued to speak with the police, however, and said she grabbed the knife because Obumseli had her impaled against a wall by the throat.


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