Dana Blumberg’s Previous Relationships Before Robert Kraft Explored

As a result of the billionaire businessman Robert Kraft’s recent marriage, Dana Blumberg is the subject of intense public interest. People want to know everything there is to know about Blumberg, including her personal history. Let us explore this article to get to know some insights.


Who is Robert Kraft’s new wife Dana Blumberg?

Everyone knows now that Robert Kraft legally wed Dana Blumberg, his now-new wife, and they exchanged vows in front of witnesses.

But people on social media want to know more things about Robert’s wife. Therefore as per sources, Dana Blumberg is an American Doctor and an Ophthalmologist from New York, United States. Now referred to as the love partner of the CEO Robert Kraft.

She holds expertise in Cataract Surgery and Glaucoma. She has a wide range of interests in medical, laser and surgical management of the eyes related issues.


Her mom and dad are professional doctors, furthermore, she also completes her M.D and M.P.H degree at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine.

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Robert Kraft and Dana Blumberg married and kept their wedding a surprise

The new love birds Robert Kraft recently married to his now wife Dana Blumberg, and people on social media are happy for them.

The wedding held in New York was a massive one, with the millionaire inviting top guests to attend. Robert also throws a stunning kickoff and a Touchdown party at the Hall des Lumieres in Manhattan.

Since Robert is a millionaire it’s no doubt that his wedding would be a small thing, many big celebrities also attended the wedding ceremony. Apparently, NFL commentator AI Michaels narrated the whole ceremony. Tom Bardy also attended the event but without his model wife Gisele Bundchen.

Dana Blumberg and Robert Kraft
Dana Blumberg and Robert Kraft (Credit: ALLAN ZEPEDA)

Dana Blumberg’s previous Relationships

Well, as per sources Dana is a very private person and she thus has never disclosed any of her previous relationships. As per reports, Robert Kraft is her first marriage and she was married before Kraft.


Since both of them were in a serious relationship with each other since 2019, therefore it looks like this is one of the first marriages she has ever been into.

Robert Kraft’s Previous Marriages and Relationships

Robert Kraft before marrying Dana was married to two women earlier. In 1963, he was married to Myra Nathalie Hiatt, a philanthropist and a graduate of Brandeis University.

And after that in 2012 Kraft began dating actress Ricki Noel Lander, an American actress, model, designer and entrepreneur.


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