Dane DiLiegro Net Worth 2022: How Rich is The American Actor?

Dane DiLiegro is an emerging American Actor. But his journey to Hollywood is quite interesting and one of a kind. The 34-year-old actor was once a fantastic basketball player. He has played professional basketball for eight seasons for different top-tier teams.


Former Basketball player

Dane DiLiegro’s father was also a basketball player and a wrestler in his college days. His brother also played basketball at the intercollegiate level. The Massachusetts-born actor attended the University of New Hampshire and was a part of the New Hampshire Wildcats basketball team. He has played for teams in Italy as well as Israel. He won a gold medal at the 2009 summer Maccabiah Games in Israel. The player with 6’9″ tall frame graduated with the second all-time rebounding record.

Dane DiLiegro
Dane DiLiegro (Credit: Getty Images)

Dane is a man of several not-so-hidden talents. He apparently loves to travel may be due to his varied ethnicity, as He has American, Italian, and Israeli citizenship. While residing in Italy, Dane worked as an apprentice for world-famous Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini for five long years. He still follows culinary arts passionately and has a YouTube channel name for food and travel.


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How Rich is Dane DeLiegro

The net worth of Dane DiLiegro is estimated to be $2 Million USD. He has a lot of sources for his income. A part of his income must have come from his former professional basketball career and his YouTube channel. Presently His acting career largely contributes to his net income.

Dane DiLiegro Acting Career

In 2019, Dane left his professional basketball career to pursue acting. He got his first role as Muscle Monster in the Netflix show “Sweet Home“. He has also appeared in shows “Side Hustle” and an episode titled “A certain doom” of “The Walking dead.” In 2021, Dane played the role of Ba’al in the fifth episode of American Horror Stories opposite Billie Lourde.Dane lives in Los Angeles, and attends the Stella Adler Academy.

Dane DiLiegro
Dane DiLiegro (Credit: FilmMagic)

Owing to his large stature, he often gets cast for stereotypical roles. He often plays roles requiring heavy makeup and prosthetics. Dane has also starred alongside Doja Cat in her music video “Get Into It (Yuh)”.He is going to appear in Tom Delonge’s upcoming movie “Monsters of California”, and Disney+’s upcoming reboot fantasy show, “The Quest”. He also might be seen in multistarrer “Guardians of Galaxy: Volume 3”.


The actor has recently starred in “Prey”, the fifth installment of the Predator franchise, which is an action sci-fi series.

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