Danii Banks Instagram Model Shares She was Drugged and Robbed at A Party

Instagram Fashion Model Danii Banks has made some shocking revelations about the unfortunate incidents occurring in her life.

The model shared, that someone drugged her and she became unconscious at a party. Further, two men stole her expensive belongings and transferred a big amount of money from Zelle.


Danii Banks Was Drugged At A Party

Danni Banks’s story is going to give you creeps. Recently, she attended a party where she felt drugged. According to the report filed by the Vegas Police, Banks was not in her right mind to understand her surroundings.

Further, Danii Banks reveals that two men took her to the apartment and other two chased them while they were going to her condo.

The next morning, she woke up and gained consciousness. Then, Banks discovered that her Cartier watch was missing from her apartment. Along with it, she found that those two men had somehow, gained access to her phone payments app. They made 2 Zelle payments from her Chase bank account.


There were around two transactions from her phone of $5000 each. Further, her American Express Credit Card was nowhere in the apartment as well.

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Security Footage Evidences

Police are investigating the case as of now. However, according to the security footage available, three men are standing in front of Banks. During all of this, she is naked in front of them. In the footage, men are also leaving in a blue-colored Chevrolet Impala. 

She gave the statement that she wouldn’t be able to recognize the men as Danii Banks was not in her right space. Before breaking this story to the public, there are videos of her, hanging out with her friends in Miami.

More About Danii Banks

Danii Banks, who boasts 8m+ followers on IG is well-known for her sultry and appealing pictures. She can rock any piece of clothing with an ease. Whether it’s a swimwear or lingerie, she knows how to slay in both.

Through her sizzling portfolio, she has managed to garner a lot of attention from the public. Her Instagram has collected a huge number of followers and admirers. Her modeling career took off from this feat.

Danii Banks
Danii Banks (Instagram/danii.banks)

Owing to her increasing popularity, she grabbed many brand deals and endorsements. This further helped her strengthen her brand presence. Besides, she has been featured in many top fashion magazines which include- Stacks Model, Pressure, and smooth magazines.

Unfortunately, Danii Banks couldn’t have a gala time at the party. The case is reported to the concerned authorities and is under investigation.


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