Daryl Robert Harrison, An Ohio Man Scammed $800,000 by Pretending to Be A Ghanaian Prince

Daryl Robert Harrison a local Ohia native pretended to be a Ghanaian prince and scammed $800,000 from at least 14 people. On Friday, the man was convicted of fraud by a Federal Jury.

As a result, Daryl Robert Harrison will spend 20 years in prison walls. The man named Daryl Robert Harrison called himself Prince Daryl R. Attipoe and Prophet Daryl R. Attipoe in front of his target. Like this, he duped people and extracted money from them.


How Did Daryl Robert Harrison Scam People?

As per the Department of Justice (DOJ), Harrison pretended to be a part of the Power House of Prayer Ministries as minister. It is a non-profit body that financially funded religious services in various churches and other places situated in Ohio, Colorado, and in Dayton.

Harrison’s stepfather was also part of their cheating plan. Both went on to claim to their investors— mainly Church members that they were princes from Ghana.


Further, they conned people by telling them that they have connections with African mining companies. If they intend to invest, they can get a return of up to 33% from their invested amount.

Daryl Robert Harrison withdrew money from the Church banks that amounted to thousands of dollars.

Instead of investing, Harrison and his stepfather used the money for their personal expenses. This included buying a luxury car, purchasing airplane tickets, and renting a house in Ohio. The operation was repeatedly carried out for six years from January 2014 to September 2020.

Daryl Robert Harrison
Daryl Robert Harrison (Credit: Butler County Jail)

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What Did The Investors Say?

As per the investors, Harrison did not provide the amount he endorsed. He went on to ghost people by cutting all the communication ties and ignoring the inquiries. Moreover, he did not respond to the investors demanding their money back.

In an official statement, the Federal Prosecutor said that Harrison used false identity to scam people. Instead, they used the money for their personal benefit. They did all this without the knowledge of the investors.


Media outlets have tried to talk to Harrison’s Lawyer but they have declined to comment yet. In fact, the lawyer denied any involvement of their client in the fraud.

What Are The Crime Charges And Punishment of Daryl Robert Harrison?

Harrison and his stepfather are booked for mail and wire fraud. Further with conspiracy to attempt mail, wire fraud, and witness tampering.


Harrison is guilty of the crime and will be up in prison for 2 decades. The stepfather is awaiting the trial.

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