Dawit Eklund: Known Facts About Malia Obama’s New Boyfriend

Rumor has it that US President Barack Obama’s Daughter Malia Obama is dating Dawit Eklund. He is an Ethiopian- American DJ and music personality.

The duo was spotted many times strolling through the streets of Los Angeles and New York City. Are they just friends or dating? Who is this man with the former US Daughter? How did these two meet? Here’s some interesting facts about him.


Who is Dawit Eklund?

Dawit Eklund is a DJ, record, and music producer. He hails from the capital of Ethiopia— Addis Ababa. Due to his father’s association with the US Government, he has traveled to many countries. He has lived in Bangladesh, Kenya, Sudan, and Egypt.

Received Education from George Washington University

Dawit studied in an Ethiopian high school known as the International Community School of Addis Ababa. He immigrated to the US in 2012. Eklund earned his degree in International Development Studies at George Washington University.

Dawit Eklund
Dawit Eklund (Credit: [email protected])

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The Onset of Music Career

Later, he pursued his career in music. Eklund debuted on SoundCloud releasing his first musical piece titled “Psycho Animus.” That was the start of his music journey. Since then, Dawit has released many songs like Mint, Lies Are Chic, Litchi Juice etc.

Moreover, he also owns a record label named 1432 R with his friends. The company operates its function in Washington, DC. Its business also includes selling music through distributors in the music industry. Further, the label focuses on Ethiopian folk music and a similar genre. In fact, A Washington Post piece wrote-

Their music seamlessly brings together house music grooves, the stutter of UK garage, an uneasy electronic ambience, and – perhaps most notably – Ethiopian folk music.

Is Romance Brewing between Malia Obama And Dawit Eklund?

The Daughter of the 44th US President Malia Obama and Dawit Eklund are making headlines these days. Many times, both are papped by the media hanging out in the streets of NYC and LA.

The 33-year-old music producer and Malia were roaming around the Manhattan Soho neighborhood. Later they headed to Chinatown for a lunch. However, the rumors of them dating are only rumors as of now.


As the two of them did not let slip-ups happen. They were walking without any public display of affection. Also, both were walking separately without holding hands with their arms to themselves.

Seems like both are trying to keep it lowkey because of the media attention. Or they could just be good friends enjoying a meal together!


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