Debanhi Escobar Motel Video Goes Viral: Lets See Why

Debanhi Escobar motel video was leaked on April 8, 2022. This video goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. 

Here is the reason why. The mysterious death of an 18-years-old Mexican girl is still a mystery. In the video, Debanhi Escobar can be seen walking alongside the Highway earlier than the girl’s death.

The girl walked right into the motel and died in the water Tank.


Debanhi Escobar Motel Video Goes Viral: Why?

Debanhi Escobar is the 20th girl who was reported missing in nuevo Leon within four weeks. The reason behind her death is still a mystery. 

As we told you earlier, she walked right into the motel and died in a water tank in the viral video. Other than that we would like to tell you that there is also a photograph of her.

In the captured photo, Debanhi is standing with her arms folded on the roadside of the highway. According to the reports, she went to a party with her friends.

They cannot be actually called friends as per some reports. Because she just met them at the party. And that’s why they left her all alone. As her father states she was sexually assaulted by a cab driver.


Now, a video of Debanhi Escobar goes viral on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. she can be seen right walking into the motel and after that, she mysteriously died in the water tank.

Debanhi Escobar
Debanhi Escobar

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Debanhi’s Father suspects her death reason

Debanhi tries to look into the restaurant through a side window. Escobar is situated in a cistern that is close to a wall. 

On Tuesday, the detectives and the forensic team returned to the restaurant to collect some evidence that could assist them in the investigation.

According to the workplace of lawyer Normal in Nuevo Leon, the Nueva Castilla Motel administration refused to show them the safety digicam footage.

The Father of Debanhi Escobar, Mario Escobar said on Tuesday that a second postmortem should be conducted on his daughter. Dabanhi was buried on Saturday. 

He suspects that his daughter’s death is attributable to a concussion to a Pinnacle. He expressed his suspicion while stating that the video footage accessible to him does not show that his daughter flipped out within the cistern.

Debanhi Escobar
Debanhi Escobar (Credit: Newsflash)

Debanhi Escobar Death: What Human Rights Fee Say

In the leaked video Escobar falling into the cistern is at no level watched. Mario Escobar stated that it is all going to must be analyzed. He also appeared before the human rights fee in New Leone. 


Mario filed a grievance about his daughter’s death and the way the investigation happened.

The director of the nuevo Leon human rights fee, Olga Susana Mendez opened up on the matter. 

She said, “as a fee, we have to research the search and placement protocol for Debanhi and analyze each of the duties that correspond to the prosecution. Such because the nationwide search Fee, how the protocol establishes that they need to perform that location, that search, the way it was executed and decide any attainable deletion by the authorities.”


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