Did Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp Date? Check Out Their Relationship After Viral Video

Recently there is ongoing speculation trending about the friendship of Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp. Therefore the actor is again making headlines other that the legal case against Amber Heard. Dakota Johnson has been a close friend of Deep since 2015. The actress has always stood by her side in his tough phase. Besides, she also condemned the cancel culture that was once targeted toward Johnny Depp. They both have never dated earlier but always have shared a precious friendship. But recently a viral video is massively circulating and some fans are making dating assumptions. Although there is no proof of this assumption the video is becoming a delight for the fans.


About the bond between Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp !!

As Johnny Deep is having a legal battle, his fans are always there to show support. Some fans heading to TikTok to support their icon. Therefore fans are submitting the videos where the actor is getting support from celebrities


Thus one old video featuring Dakota Johnson and Johnny Deep is circulating on the web. In the resurfaced video, we can see the great bond between the two actors. Fans are massively sharing the old clip on their social media handles. Of course, we can’t deny that there is stunning chemistry between them.

Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp
Image: Dakota Johnson and Johnny Depp (Credit: Getty Images)

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An old video is becoming a treat for the fans !!

Fans can be the biggest cheerleader in a life of a celebrity. As the Pirates actor is battling a legal case, his fans are always pouring support for the star. Therefore they share videos showing their support for the actor.

They have also shared how many people in the industry are supporting the actor. Recently they came across an old clip where they can see the concern of Dakota for Johnny Deeps. The viral video is from a press conference attended by them.

In the viral video, we can see Johnny’s injured finger. Undoubtedly we can see a great bond between them in the viral video. But some fans are noticing the mysterious connection. When observing the video, we can sense that Dakota was curious about Deep’s injured hand.

In response, Deep had likely cracked a joke as they started chuckling afterward. But Dakota again gives him a concerned look. As we know fans are keen observers, they never miss the minute detail. They have figured that Johnny’s hand was trembling during the episode. Thus fans have the feeling there can be an uncanny bond between them.


Exploring the bond between Dakota Johnson and Johnny Deep

Fans are trying to support Johnny Deep emotionally while he is fighting a controversial legal battle. Even some celebrities are ardently supporting the actor. Dakota Johnson is one such celebrity who has her support for the actor. In the viral video, one can see her genuine concern for the actor.

When she inquired about her hand, he tried to divert it by cracking a joke. But fans are in awe of Dakota as she stared at her with concern. The fans appreciate her for being compassionate and comforting the actor in his toughest phase.


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