Donna D’Errico OnlyFans: The Former Baywatch Actress Joins The Platform at 54

Former Baywatch star Donna D’Errico has announced that she joined OnlyFans earlier this week, despite backlash from “trolls” telling her she was “too old” to show off her famous physique.


About Donna D’Errico

Donna Jeanette D’Errico (born March 30, 1968) is an American actress and model. She posed for Playboy as its Playmate of the Month for September 1995. Donna had a starring role (1996–1998) in the television series Baywatch. She continues to act in films and on television.

Before appearing in Playboy, D’Errico had a Las Vegas-based limousine company. When Playboy chose her as its Playmate of the Month for September 1995, her centerfold was photographed by Richard Fegley.

She was chosen for a starring role on the television series Baywatch, as “Donna Marco” for two seasons, from 1996 to 1998. One installment of the program dealt with her Playboy layout. She was also a host of the show Battlebots and starred in Candyman: Day of the Dead. For a time, she owned Zen Spa, a day spa in Calabasas, California.

After leaving Baywatch, she appeared in independent films, including Intervention, Inconceivable. She also starred in The Making of Plus One alongside Andie MacDowell, Jennifer Tilly, Colm Feore, and Elizabeth McGovern.


D’Errico divorced rock musician Nikki Sixx in 2007, after 11 years of marriage. Together they had one daughter born in 2001. D’Errico also has a son, Rhyan, born in 1993. D’Errico supports animal rights and is a vegan.

In 2011, D’Errico said she was in training to fulfill a long-held dream of climbing Mount Ararat in Turkey in search of the frozen remains of Noah’s ark.

D’Errico climbed Mount Ararat in mid-2012, returning home to the U.S. in August, having suffered injuries from a fall near the end of the climb.

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Donna D’Errico OnlyFans

The former Playboy model defended her decision to join the NSFW, subscriber-only website, saying it’s just a social media site free from “censorship, bullying and haters.”

My take on a vintage pin-up poster. I obviously don’t take myself, or the fact that I’m on that site, too seriously,” she wrote. “This post may upset some people. I don’t care.”

The Playboy model said that everyone assumes that the people on OnlyFans must be doing “raunchy stuff,” which stigmatizes the site. Meanwhile, she added, stars are posting risqué material on other social media platforms.

Donna D’Errico
Donna D’Errico (Instagram/donnaderrico)

The star shared that she will be running the page herself, and that she refuses to “use those hired chatters to pretend to be me in the messages,” which is “rampant” now.

“I’ll have fun with this for a bit,” she shared, “and if it gets to be too much to handle on my own I’ll just shut it down.”

D’Errico is no stranger to shutting down the haters. In July, she responded to commenters who took issue with her posing in a bikini on Instagram


The actress knew her announcement might “upset some people” after she faced criticism for posting in a skimpy bikini earlier this month.

D’Errico clapped back at her haters by posting another bikini picture shortly after. She says she “can actually wear and do literally whatever” she wants.

However, the actress claims those same “Karens” reported her latest Instagram post promoting her new OnlyFans account for “soliciting prostitution.”

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