Drew Scott and Linda Phan Relationship Explored As They Welcome Their First Baby

Since then, Drew Scott has transitioned from property brother to that property father. On Wednesday night, the star of “Property Brothers” and his wife, Linda Phan, announced that they had become parents to a son named Parker James. “Our lives are permanently altered. “Welcome to the world, Parker James,” Scott said in an Instagram post that showed a photograph of the baby, and the mother. And the father holding hands with the infant and a shot of the three of them together. Let us explore the relationship between Drew Scott and Linda Phan.


Relationship Explored

Drew Scott and Linda Phan had been together for twelve years before getting married and married for four years. After undergoing fertility treatments for two years, Phan and Scott finally received some encouraging news in August 2021. Following the announcement that they were would-be parents. The pair published on Instagram a photo of themselves standing in front of a mirror while highlighting Phan’s growing baby belly.

In the caption, they expressed the hope that others will benefit from their being transparent about the journey that led them to become parents. “The journey here has been quite the exciting experience! Scott and Phan shared that “we know we are not alone in vitro fertilization

(IVF) and that unique challenges mark everyone’s journey. When we first started down this path, we quickly felt grateful for the doctors we’ve worked with and the family and friends who supported us. Sharing their stories or just being there.
Drew Scott and Linda Phan
Image: Drew Scott and Linda Phan(Instagram/imlindork)

We became grateful for the doctors we’ve been fortunate enough to work with quickly after starting down this path. Also, they continued by saying, “It made a stressful moment in our lives more bearable, and we are grateful for that. We hope that even one of you reading this may feel less lonely on whatever journey you’re on as we continue to develop through this!”.

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Drew Scott and Linda Phan Welcome Their First Baby

Scott clearly remembers when they finally found out that Phan was pregnant from their reproductive endocrinologist, Dr. Baek. “Our new baby

boy, he’s a healthy baby boy, and he’s gorgeous. Scott stated on Wednesday on their “At Home” podcast. “Our new baby boy” refers to their newborn son. Phan stated, “Except that I pooped; I feel terrific.” “I’m still shocked that he’s here, but I couldn’t be happier that he’s finally here. It seems as if I’ve needed some time to acclimate to each new stage of my pregnancy.

And then, just when I’ve almost adjusted to the new normal. It’s already time to go on to the next major accomplishment or the next thing. I have the impression that I’m continually trying to get caught up with my emotions. When asked about being a dad, he said that being a parent characterize by “this instant love. This sense of you needs to do all you can to keep them safe and make them feel cherished.”


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