Elijah Dewitt, A 17 Year-Old Teen Shot and Killed in Sugarloaf Mills Parking Lot

A 17-year-old Teen Elijah Dewitt, was discovered dead in Sugarloaf Mills Mall Parking lot located in the 5900 block near the Dave & Buster’s.

Reportedly, the Gwinnett Police Department got a ‘person shot call’ at 8 pm on Wednesday evening.

The police are navigating the investigation procedure believing it to be a homicide case. All the investigators are doing their job– gathering evidences, checking footage, and enquiring the witnesses.


Who Was Elijah Dewitt?

Elijah Dewitt was a 17-year-old teen residing in Gwinnett country. He was a diligent and athlete student of Jefferson High School. Moreover, he was a wide receiver for high school.

Dewitt was also about to graduate this year. The school immediately confirmed their student’s death and offered their deepest condolences.

“The Jefferson High School Football program is heartbroken as we mourn the loss of one of our own, Elijah DeWitt. The DeWitt family is in our thoughts and prayers. We appreciate your understanding as we respect the family’s privacy during this time.”


Jefferson’s has also assured that their staff will be there for Dewitt’s family. It is a fall break for the school authorities. However, they will provide counselors and other needed aid to the mourning staff and students.

Due to the tragic news, they also respect the privacy of the family during hard times. Even the school superintendent Donna R. McMullan shared sympathies and sincere condolences for Dewitt family.

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Findings From Police Investigation

It is yet not available where the police investigation has reached. Gwinnett Police has not revealed any closeup details of the case. But, they have cleared that they will explore all the motives.

Gwinnett police spokeswoman Officer Hideshi Valle in a series of statements said-

“It is unknown at this time the relationship between the actual establishment and what took place in the parking lot.”

The crime scene is blocked from further movement by yellow tape. Various cars were not allowed near the entrance area. Police also believe that Elijah Dewitt was shot multiple times at around 8:15 pm.


How Many Are Suspects of Shooting?

According to Valle, there are no concrete details about the number of perpetrators. The investigation is still ongoing regarding Elijah Dewitt.

“Currently, we don’t have any information as to if we have one suspect or multiple, or the description of anyone.”

However, the authorities are gathering various evidences to close the case and find the suspects.

In recent days, teen killings are on the rise. Another 17-year-old was killed on the basketball court in the same Gwinnett neighborhood. He was identified as Timothy Buchanan.


If anyone has any leads or important information about the case, please contact- Gwinnett detectives at 770-513-5300.

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