Elizabeth Hurley Got Criticized by Fans After Bikini Photoshoot Holding Starfishes

Elizabeth Hurley is facing criticism lately for her latest Instagram post. In the picture, she appears to be posing in a bikini while holding two “delicate” starfishes.


Who is Elizabeth Hurley?

Elizabeth Hurley is a British actress, businesswoman, and model. Her work as Vanessa Kensington in the hit spy movie, “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery” made her famous. In 2015, Hurley began starring in the E! original series called The Royals.

The Controversy

The controversy begins when On the 12th of April, Elizabeth posted a picture of herself on the beach. She appears to be holding a two star-fish in her hands. This garnered a lot of attention and not all of it was positive. You can have a look at her post below.


She captioned the picture, “Found these magnificent starfish, alive but stranded, on the beach- they’re now happily at the bottom of the sea.”

A lot of people did not seem to like the fact that Hurley has removed the starfish from their natural habitat just to click a few Instagram-worthy pictures with them.

One person commented, “You must not take them out of the water”, while another said, “Any reason you feel you have the right to take a starfish out of their homes to kill them for a picture?”


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Elizabeth Hurley

Why Is It An Issue?

The exposure, though short-term could have had a negative effect on the fish. But, Hurley did mention that she put them back into the water.

Starfish have been dying off recently due to climate change and global warming, so this did not come at a good time for Elizabeth Hurley. Various occurrences of starfish being stranded have been reported. In January 2021, thousands of dead starfish had been washed ashore which confirmed the crisis. Therefore, humans are advised to not touch starfish as the bacteria from our hands can pass onto the fish which is often pretty toxic to them. Moreover, the bacteria can then contaminate the sea life.

Elizabeth’s response

Elizabeth is yet to respond to the controversy.

Elizabeth has her own bikini company that she promotes on her Instagram. She often posts such pictures on her account and a lot of her fans and celebrity friends shower her with compliments.

Her recent post, despite being on the cusp of all the controversy, also had some sweet compliments from her friends.

Natalie Imbruglia commented, “Such a babe” on Hurley’s recent post.

Elizabeth garners about 500-2000 comments per post which are impressive. However, if that will change after this controversy, will might know only when she posts again.

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