Elyse Hibbs, A Prison Nurse Arrested for Being in An Inappropriate Relationship With A Prisoner

Recently the internet is buzzing with the news of Elyse Hibbs a Prison Nurse accused of being in an inappropriate relationship with a Prisoner. While people are going crazy with numerous questions. Let us explore this article to get some insights.


Who is Elyse Hibbs?

Elyse Hibbs who is currently trending on the internet is a 25-year-old Qualified health worker from Manchester.

She is a Prison Nurse who worked at the 1,652-capacity HMP Parc Prison in Bridgend, Wales and at HMP Manchester, Known as Strangeways, 210miles away.

She was currently working as a Prison Nurse in Manchester, but due to the inappropriate relationship with a Prisoner, her reputation as a healthcare worker has been supremely down.

Prison Nurse involved in an Inappropriate Relationship with A Prisoner

To hear something about a health care worker involved in an inappropriate relationship with a Prisoner

is a very shocking thing in itself.

Elyse being the Prison Nurse has herself admitted to having an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with a prison inmate. The nurse stated that she became involved with the man while working at the HMP Manchester.

Her involvement in an inappropriate relationship with the Prisoner inmate has shocked many people, in fact, she has finally admitted the misconduct which she has done.

But so far, the nurse has been pledged guilty to an ‘inappropriate relationship’. The nurse also admitted the charge of misconduct in a public office when she appeared at Cardiff Crown Court.

Elyse Hibbs
Elyse Hibbs (Credit: WNS)

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Is Elyse Hibbs arrested for an Inappropriate Relationship?

Well, as per sources the prison nurse has been guilty after she herself admitted that she was in an ‘inappropriate relationship’ with the prisoner while she was working as a nurse.

Elyse is as per sources going to prison due to an inappropriate relationship with a prison inmate.

Since she admitted the charges of the misconduct which she practiced, the charge against her states ‘While acting as a public officer, namely prison nurse, willfully and without reasonable excuse or justification misconducted yourself in a way which amounted to an abuse of the public’s trust in the office holder by engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a prisoner.’


The court told the nurse to return to court next month for a sentence or for a further decision hearing, they also stated to her that all options can only remain open when she comes to be sentenced over the affair.

Another Prison Nurse also accused in the same case

With the news of Elyse Hibbs, ano ther Prison Nurse Ruth Shmylo also accused of an affair with the same inmate but Ruth did not enter a plea.


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