Emily Pisano, A 13-Year-Old Creative Artist Turned Her Art Skills into Business

Emily Pisano has recently transformed the eye of seeing creative art. She puts her skills and her art into making something very creative and mindful. Her art has created obsession pieces that many of her followers on the internet love. Let us explore some more insights into her journey.


Who is Emily Pisano, the Creative Artist?

Emily Pisano is a 13-year-old girl. Even after being this young, she is already famous on social media for her creative skills.

She is a creative Artist who uses traditional art and transformed them into useful, beautiful, aesthetically rich creative pieces.

Emily Pisano
Emily Pisano’s Art (Credit: News 5)

Her creative art pieces are much more useful, beautiful, and aesthetically sound pieces that can be used in a diverse manner. Made with traditional items, the girl knows with making creative pieces how to sustain and work for the environment.

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Emily Pisano, using traditional creativity only being a 13-year old


Emily is currently 13 years old, and if we wonder the fact that what we were doing when we were her age, just playing video games, spending time with friends etc.

But the girl is a new sensation, she started collecting pieces of wood to paint, therefore then she ventured into handmade jewelry.

Her most popular pieces consist of acrylic paint tossed on a canvas and then she uses a hairdryer as a paintbrush to create her diverse and well-fledged creative art piece.

She also creates creative pieces from magazine torn-out pages, which is currently her recent one.

“It looks really cool and it blends together and looks like tie-dye,” she said.

“I can see my evolution, I guess,” Emily said.

Emily Pisano, turning her Art Skills into Business

Now that Emily is filled with rich, beautiful creative pieces, she is jumping into business, as per Emily, she also wants to expand the business of her Art Skills into a much more profitable business for herself.

Emily Pisano
Emily Pisano’s business (Credit: News 5)

The fact that she is turning her skill into a business has created an appreciatable feeling among numerous of her fans on social media.

She is also learning and developing her Entrepreneurial skills, which has made everyone around her proud.


What’re her parents say regarding Emily’s creative side?

The young girl’s parents are very proud of the success and the achievements their girl is getting.

As stated by her dad Matt “Ever since she’s been a little girl, we’ve seen the creative side of her,”.

Emily Pisano's parents
Emily Pisano’s parents (Credit: News 5)

Her father also stated that “the learnings she is getting is nothing a classroom could give you…She’s getting the entrepreneurial part of it, and she’s learning how to make a little money with her passion and hobby.”

Emily’s parents are just like proud p arents who are very appreciative of their daughter.


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