Emma D’Arcy Partner 2022: Who is The House of the Dragon Star Dating Now?

Let’s have a look at the personal life of this famous actress Emma D’Arcy and their relationships.


About Emma D’Arcy

Emma Zia D’Arcy, popularly recognized as Emma D’Arcy, is a popular uprising English actor acknowledged for their roles in film, television, and theatre.

She is primarily recognized for their performance in the British Drama series “Wanderlust”, which also marked her professional debut on the screen.

Emma has been active in the performing profession since 2015 and is acknowledge by the critiques. Furthermore, She has also featured in the renowned television production ‘Truth Seekers’.

Emma D’Arcy
Emma D’Arcy (Credit: Getty Images)

In the meantime, Emma D’Arcy will feature in“House of the Dragons

” which is a prequel to“Game of Thrones”. It is in the most anticipated television series of 2022.

The actress identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them. They haven’t spoken much about their gender identification. But in their Instagram and Twitter bios, they identify as Non-Binary and use their chosen pronouns. They are a pretty private person who has revealed very little on social media.

She was born Emma Zia D’Arcy on 27th June 1992 to her parents Sally Elizabeth D’Arcy and Richard John D’Arcy in London, England. In addition, Emma also has an older brother; Loe D’Arcy.

As of 2022, Emma is 30 years old their sun sign is Cancer. Accordingly, they are of Caucasian descent and hold British nationality.

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Career And Personal Life

Emma pursued an acceptable art degree at the University of Oxford’s Ruskin Art School, giving themself a strong educational foundation.

Back in college, they participated in plays like Romeo and Juliet, The Games We Played. and other theatre projects. This helped them gain learning and eventually gain an interest in acting.
Their Career And Achievements

Emma D’Arcy seems to be a career-focused persona having a stunning appearance and great acting abilities. Meanwhile, D’Arcy has also gained a considerable amount of admirers. This is because of her reputation for having a diverse range of acting and creative abilities.

They are a skilled actor with solid theater backgrounds. Regardless of being inherently gifted, they have improved her performance strengths by pursuing professional acting. At present, Emma is represented by a UK-based management firm called ‘Roxanne Vaca Management’.

Personal Life

Emma D’Arcy appears to be an extremely private person and thus has seclusion preferences as well as avoids the glitzy world of social media. This gives the impression that Emma is currently only interested in their work.

Emma D’Arcy
Emma D’Arcy (Credit: HBO)

Presently, D’Arcy is single and not in a relationship with anyone. They are suppose to be content with her single existence and have no rumor or confirmation concerning D’Arcy and their relationship status. Emma, in particular, enjoys being outside and enjoys spending time in and around nature.

In terms of her gender identity, D’Arcy uses the pronouns they/them and identifies as non-binary (i.e., neither a man nor a woman). D’Arcy further represents the LGBTQ community since they don’t use the pronouns she/her and he/him when identifying their gender identity and gender expression.


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