Emma Linek, A Ohio 17-years-old Teen Missing

Another shocking news from Ohio! Twins burg police department is asking for help from the public to find a 17 years old missing teen girl named Emma Linek. Her life could be in danger.

It’s known that she is 5 foot 3 inches tall. Emma was last seen wearing red and white plaid pants with a black crop top on her upper body. She was also wearing a hoodie with a scarf and had her black boots on. Don’t forget the black large sized glasses.


Emma Linek, 17 years old teen is missing

As you already know, the Twinsburg police department is in search of the girl and trying to do every possible thing to find her out. They have also asked the public to keep their eyes open all the time and if they get any clue just inform them.

The last time somebody saw her, she was at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Thursday.. Since then, she is missing. But it is estimated that she could be somewhere in the Cleveland or Atlanta, Georgia area.


Twinsburg police have asked people with any information about her to contact the Twinsburg Police Department Detective Bureau at 330-963-6220.

For easy identification, let us tell you that the teen girl is a black girl, 5 foot 3 inches taller with a weight of 160 pounds: brown eyes and short black hair. 

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The Family is in search of their daughter

The missing news of Emma has saddened the family. They are trying to do everything they can to find Emma and bring her back.

Emma’s mother, Eleanor Linek feels that she is in a surreal reality. The last time she saw or met her daughter was on Thursday. She said that they were dropping her off to fly to Boston. The teen girl attends a therapeutic boarding school in Boston.

Eleanor Linek said that she looks through feeds, sometimes on her phone and sees missing children and then thinks ‘oh my God I can’t imagine what their family is going through.’ And they are also here at the same place.

The mother continued and told them that they took her to the airport and she passed through security, they saw her go through security and to her gate. 

Linek said that they don’t know what happened if she got something to eat or what but she missed her plane. So, the airline managed another flight to Boston for Emma but with a connecting flight in Atlanta.

It is verified that Emma Linek’s flight landed in Atlanta and she got off the plane. For the last time, they saw Emma in baggage claim.

But it turns out that Emma’s mother is more concerned about something else as well. Linek said that Emma does not have a cell phone with her and only had a carry bag.

One of the concerns of the family is that Emma is on medication and she does not have her medication with her. Eleanor said that she is just worried that she is not on her medication and they want her to come home.


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