Ezra Miller and Austin Butler Get into a Bar Fight in Japan: Rumors debunked

Ezra Miller reportedly got into a fight with Austin Butler at a pub in Tokyo. Eyewitnesses claim Butler threw a punch at Ezra during an argument after which security asked Ezra to leave. Did the fight really happen? Or are these just wild rumors with no foundation? Read on to find out.


The Alleged Fight between Ezra Miller And Austin Butler And How The Rumours Came To Be

It would appear actor Ezra Miller continues on in his journey towards infamy and notoriety, this time with a Twitter user claiming to have witnessed him in a drunken bar fight. Reportedly Flash star Ezra and Elvis Presley star Austin Butler got into a bit of a scuff at a pub in Tokyo. The aftermath of the fight resulted in security kicking Ezra out of the pub and letting Austin stay on.

Ezra Miller and Austin Butler
Image: Ezra Miller (Credit: Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)

A tweet surfaced online on June 28th claiming to be an alleged eyewitness to a fight that occurred between Ezra Miller and Austin Butler. The tweet read, “I don’t have any proof of this (my phone died) but I saw Austin Butler and #EzraMiller fight at a pub here in Tokyo”. The witness further recounted that Butler was in the bar with his friends and girlfriend Kaia Gerber

when the Flash star approached him and started having a conversation. They added, “after a while, Ezra started shouting” and that “Ezra then said something Austin was visibly unhappy about” leading up to the fight.

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The Truth: Rumours Debunked

So are these rumors really true? Apparently, according to recently updated sources, they are not. Insiders close to Austin have come out and refuted said rumors, explaining that Butler has never even set foot in the bar where the alleged fight occurred. They also added that the actor never ran into Miller while promoting the movie in Japan. It would seem that these rumors are baseless and untrue.

Ezra’s Uncertain Future

However, this doesn’t erase Ezra Miller’s long list of offenses that have surfaced online within this past year. Some of which include assaulting, kidnapping, threatening, and harassing multiple victims, who have come forward with evidence. The actor seems to be on a descent into madness.


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