Facts About Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s New Prime Minister

After it was official that Giorgia Meloni is the New Prime Minister of Italy, she is afterwards trending on Twitter and people are just not over it. It looks like people on the Internet just want to explore who New Italy’s Prime Minister is, and this article will thus provide you with all details.


Who is Giorgia Meloni?

Giorgia Meloni is very much trending on social media and for those who do not know who she is, Giorgia is an Italian Politician and Journalist.

She has been a member of the Chamber of Deputies in Italy since 2006 and has led the Brothers of Italy political party since 2014, with she has also been the president of the European Conservatives and Reformists Party since 2020.

Being born in Rome, Giorgia has been one of the most influential political figures in Italy, being a right-wing populist and Italian nationalist, her brand value in Italy is way higher than any other politician in Italy.


How did Giorgia Meloni come into politics?

Her single mother brought up Giorgia after her father abandoned them with her birth. She never attended college and university whereas she earned her livelihood working as a babysitter and a bartender so to support herself.

Initially, her political career started in Rome’s working-class Garbatella neighbourhood when she was only 15.

With that, she joined the Youth Front, which was the Youth-wing of the Italian Social Movement in the early 1990s and thereby she became the national leader of the Student Action, the student movement of the National Alliance, which led her entry into politics.

Therefore she won her first local elections at 21 and ten years later she became Italy’s youngest-ever minister under the former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in 2008, a role she held that until 2011 and since then she has been spreading her magic in the world of Politics.

Giorgia Meloni
Giorgia Meloni (Instagram/giorgiameloni)

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Which Ideology Giorgia Meloni supports?

Giorgia is a right-wing populist and Italian nationalist.

She is a true right-wing leader, who opposes abortions, partnerships, marriages and parenting by same-sex couples, she, therefore, rejects fascism.

She also supports NATO and is a firm believer in NATO policies. Her political ideologies focus on national borders and national interests with also supporting traditional family values.

Is Giorgia Meloni now Italy’s Prime Minister?

Yes, Giorgia is celebrating her win for becoming Italy’s Prime Minister, her party came top in general elections.

In Sunday Elections Giorgia won a clear majority which led a way for herself to become the country’s first female prime minister which will introduce the most right-wing government in Italy since World War II.

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