Facts About Westminster Abbey as Church Hosts Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

Unfortunately, Queen Elizabeth of Britain has finally said her last goodbye to the world. The queen died at her summer palace in Scotland peacefully. 10 days were reserved to mourn her. After that today, on Monday her funeral was held at Westminster Abbey.


Facts About Westminster Abbey as Church Hosts Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

  • After 10 days after Queen Elizabeth II’s death, the Westminster Abbey Church hosted the queen’s funeral on Monday, September 19. 
  • Before wearing the crown of Queen, Elizabeth walked down the aisle to Marry Prince Phillip at the same Church in London on November 20, 1947.
  • After the second world war, it was Westminster Abbey where the first holy Major event, the queen’s marriage, took place bringing huge celebration.
  • The Church can be called the royal Church as it witnessed the coronation of the Queen in 1953 as well.
  • After the queen’s marriage, another wedding day was celebrated in Westminster Abbey. This was in April 2011 when Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot. 
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  • She was officially crowned on June 2, 1953, in Westminster Abbey. This event was telecasted live on tv and 27 million viewers watched it throughout the world.
  • Westminster Abbey also hosted a memorial service in remembrance of Prince Phillip in March 2022. The Church holds several somber memories for the late Queen.
  • The memorial service hosted by Abbey provided the representatives of organizations and trusts to who the king worked to pay tribute.
  • The Church is over 1000 years old. It was founded in 960 by St. Dunstan and King Edgar on an island of River Thames.
  • In 1560, Elizabeth I made it a royal peculiar which meant it was no longer under the bishops of England and served National sovereignty.
Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey

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Who built the church and what rests in history

  • Abbey was originally built by a famous Anglo-Saxon king to make it a royal burial ground. He was buried there with her wife who joined him 9 years later.
  • The official name of Westminster Abbey Church is Collegiate Church of St Peter. It suggests that it’s not a cathedral but has some canons attached to it. 
  • This building was built in Gothic style in the honor of king Edward. 
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  • Pope Benedict XVI became the first ever pop to step foot into the Church during his visit on September 17, 2010.
  • Westminster Abbey boasts England’s oldest door known as the Anglo-Saxon door that survived the centuries. 
  • Most of the coronations of England’s throne took place in Westminster using the grand St. Edward’s chair.
  • In 1997, Princess Diana’s funeral also took place in the same Church.
  • There are about 3500 people buried in the Church, the majority of which include the bodies of 17th-century poets.
  • The German bombs couldn’t damage the Church. To protect the valuables, some vax funeral effigies were taken to a subway station and the heavy stone was secretly buried in Westminster Abbey.
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