‘Fae Trap’ Meaning Explored as This Term is Trending on TikTok

It’s never a dull day on TikTok. This time, Fae trap videos are going viral on the platform. The history of this mythological word dates back centuries ago.

If anything, you would be fascinated and will learn about the Fae Folklore. The phrase holds a significant meaning and various cartoon-animated films are even inspired by this term.

Let’s know about the captivating history of the term.


What Is A Fae And A Fae Trap?

Fae are spiritual and mythical species from the otherworld in folklore across the globe. Most notably, they are good folk fairies or faes.

Their population consists of pixies, kelpies, elves, witches, fairy dogs, horses, and many others. You might have watched animated movies like Tinkerbell which was loosely based on a pixie- fairy.

They are found in different regions of the world, they migrate to places they are attached to. Therefore, there are North American fae folk, Scottish fae folk, Irish, and many others. But, Faeries are mostly inhabited in nature and woods.

A Fae Trap is a trap laid by Fae to trap humans in it. These traps are in wilderness and nature close spaces, where Fae reside. Fae are not hostile towards humans but can be if the situation requires them to be.


If you get caught in a fae trap, you will be transferred to the fairy world or their world. Many tales suggest that a person has to dance till exhaustion or until he deceases and loses his subconscious mind.

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How Does Fae Trap Look Like?

Fae Traps usually are in the form of Mushroom rings or eye-catching beautiful flowers that swallows you whole. Another example is a moving green plant that you can resist but touch.

Likewise, just like these traps, TikTok creators too have come up with their own examples of the same.


Rumor has it that @paint_and_pages hasnt been seen since 🤣 #hiking #fae #faetrap #funny

♬ mAHrEiAhNOoOooOOo – Duck boi 🦆

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Viral Trend On TikTok

Similarly, TikTok users have their own set of Fae traps in life that they try to avoid. One user posted a video with audio of “the most obvious fae trap I’ve ever seen.”


After this, there is a small warning that says do not fall into the trap but we are met with a coffee mug.


This is a little weird #altar hidden in the corner of the property. No one knows how it got there or when it appeared #faetrap#mostobviousfaetrap#fae#faethings#goblinkin#calamitypayne

♬ mAHrEiAhNOoOooOOo – Duck boi 🦆

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So, this became a popular TikTok trend with users showing fae traps, they stumble upon in their day-to-day lives. In short, mostly these are their obsessions or something they can’t resist.


Or It is some eye-popping thing, they fall into. These TikTok videos are totally entertaining to watch.

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