Fan Finds Krista Allen’s Naughty Note on The Bold and Beautiful

Krista Allen who plays Taylor in the Beloved and fans’ favorite soap The Bold and Beautiful. The show always brings something new and entertaining to its audience. But something different happened on September 9, in an episode of the Bold and Beautiful.

Fans found a note on the table Krista Allen was sitting next to. One of the fans zoomed in and read the naughty note. He shared the screenshot of the note on social media and asked the actress “OMG, Krista Allen, does this say what I think it says!?”


Fan finds Krista Allen’ Naughty Note

With an Amazing storyline, the soap The Bold and Beautiful keeps its fans interested. On Friday, September 9, 2022, it brought a new reason for people to laugh and enjoy. 

Taylor’s humorous note was something that even the show did not think anything of. It is about when Taylor was sitting behind the dash in the main office at Forester. 

Taylor left the note on the laptop for Ridge, husband of Brooke. No matter what Ridge read but the fans were curious to know the exact words written on the note. 


One of those excited fans, Karen wanted to know what was written on the note and he zoomed in and he saw something that shocked him. Karen found Krista Allen’s note Naughty.

But he was not able to believe this and he shared the screenshot of the note on Twitter and asked the actress if it meant what he thought it meant. 

The Krista Allen said that she had no idea that the CBS soap was going to show the real note and in fun, she just wrote it. 

For the fans who could not read the actual words written on note in the show, the note reads, “Ridge, I’ve been doing Kegals. Call me. – Taylor.”

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The Bold and Beautiful Actress admits the note shouldn’t have aired

As the actual note was aired on the show bold and beautiful, actress Krista Allen admitted that the note should not have gone on air. In response to the note shared by a fan, she replied, “OMG I’m pretty sure you are right.”


Taylor said that she had no idea they were going to show the actual note so she scribbled whatever it was on the note. 

Krista Allen
Krista Allen and Ridge (Credit: Getty Images)

But the more interesting thing is that Karen was not the only fan who found the note hilarious. Some other fans also appreciated Krista Allen’s humor. 

A fan wrote “oh my God. This is everything, your sense of humor is next level!. They are so lucky to have you, bringing so much joy and fun on set.”

The funniest thing about the note is the people’s assumption of what would have happened if Ridge’s wife Brooke read the note enemy Taylor left for her husband.


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