Farah Nasser, A Canadian News Anchor Shares Her Swallowing A ‘Fly On Air’ Video

Recently a video went viral on Twitter in which a Canadian news anchor Farah Nasser said that she swallowed a fly on air. Farah Nasser, the Canadian news anchor had an awkward moment on a recent broadcast for Global News.

National anchor, Farah Nasser was reporting the devastating monsoon situation in Pakistan. She paused for a while and gulped before continuing the reporting. 

Farah Nasser shared her funny video saying that we all need a laugh these days. 


Farah Nasser shares her swallowing a “Fly On Air” video

Among all those funny videos which are getting viral every day, Canadian Anchor has shared a unique one. The video went viral on Twitter and has been watched over one lakh times.

For your information, let me tell you that the video has made a lot of people laugh and its credit goes to Farah Nasser. Farah Nasir is a Canadian news anchor who reports the news for Global News. 

In the viral video, the anchor Got caught in an awkward situation which resulted in laughter for people.

So, on Twitter, the Canadian anchor shares her ‘swallowing a fly’ video. In this video, Farah Nasser was reporting news of the monsoon situation in Pakistan to broadcast for Global News. 

Then, suddenly she stops for a while and gulps something before continuing.

While sharing the video she wrote in the caption, “sharing because we all need a laugh these days. Turns out its not just @fordnation, I swallowed a fly on the air today”

The anchor described the incident as very much a first-world problem given the story I’m introducing.

Farah Nasser
Farah Nasser (Credit: Twitter)

The anchor expressed her feelings about the moment in an interview with CNN. The international television anchor said that “I could feel the bug fluttering in the back of my throat.” 

She continued, “the insect was not going down, it was just stuck!”

Also when Farah Nasser appeared on ET Canada, she gave the host a detailed description of how everything happened.

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What Canadian Anchor says about the incident

This is very Brave of the Canadian anchor that she admits the occurrence of the incident. Do you know that it is not the first time this kind of incident occurred on television live.


Around a month ago, a similar incident happened with Ontario Premier Doug Ford. He swallowed a bee flying in the air live on the television.

Recently she appeared on ET Canada and gave a detailed description of the incident. The anchor said that she saw the fly flying around before the broadcast, but said to herself, “Not today, fly”

Farah Nasser also feared that the fly was going to appear flying on camera. She said, “The next thing I knew, it was in my throat “. 

The anchor is glad that her kind of funny video made people laugh. Farah said, “news is so heavy so it’s really nice to just give people a laugh- even if it’s at my expense.”

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