First Avenue Cancels Dave Chappelle Show In Light Of Recent Controversy And Backlash

Concert venue, First Avenue, has canceled Dave Chappelle’ performance following the online backlash caused by his recent controversy. Dave Chappelle show was scheduled for Wednesday night.


The Controversy

First Avenue is located in downtown Minneapolis. The Minnesota venue is well-known for being the epicenter of live music and entertainment in Minneapolis.

 They came out with the announcement for Dave Chappelle comedy show on Monday. Tickets went on sale the day after and were an immediate sell-out five minutes in.

However, many people spoke out on social media against the venue and the performance. They criticized the venue for blatantly trying to make money by providing a platform to a controversial figure.

Dave Chappelle was recently embroiled in controversy after the release of his Netflix Comedy Special. The special titled The Closer explores trans subjects, often in a transphobic light.

Dave Chappelle
The Closer (Credit: GC Images)

He has since made an effort to explain himself after the immense backlash from critics. He said: “I have never had a problem with transgender people. If you listen to what I’m saying clearly, my problem has always been with white people”. Adding, “Gay people are minorities until they need to be white again”.


First Avenue’s Statement

First Avenue also came out with a statement confirming that they have decided to cancel Dave Chappelle show. They also address transferring his show to the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown which is still in Minneapolis.

 The caption for the statement reads: “We hear you. Tonight’s show has been cancelled at First Avenue and is moving to the Varsity Theater. See our full statement for more”.

Dave Chappelle
Credit: Los Angeles Times via Getty Image

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People’s Reaction Online on Dave Chappelle

Comments such as: “Announced 24 hours in advance because y’all KNOW what you’re platforming and simply continue to be money chasing cowards”.

“Gross.  This makes it easier to not return to your venue”.

“Thank you for listening and doing the right thing eventually”.

“Safe space is kinda ironic when you capitulate like that”.

“Why was this scheduled in the first place? Everyone knows what he said, yet you still scheduled it. Whoever approved the booking should be held accountable”.

“You don’t exactly deserve a ton of praise for getting yourselves into this position to begin with, but good”.

Dave also has shows at the Varsity Theater this Thursday and Friday.

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