Francia James and Laci Kay Somers, Two Playboy Models Board Train Wearing Only lingerie: Video Goes Viral

Playboy models Francia James and Laci Kay Somers left passengers shocked when they boarded a train wearing matching sets of pale blue, harness-style lingerie when they boarded a train after a hard day at work.


The Viral Incident

This came after a video of the two entering the train went viral on Instagram. Francia James and Laci were complaining about their hard day at work before the camera panned to capture the reaction of the two young men. they were looking at the models with disbelief on their faces. Laci asked the person recording the clip for them if “there was a problem here” before two other men got on board behind them.

The video has been going viral on social media platforms and has already garnered more than 3.5 million views and 291k likes.

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A Repeated Stunt

This was not the first time when Francia boarded a public transport in an unconventional outfit.

Earlier this month, Francia shared another video of herself boarding a Washington DC bus wearing a blue lingerie set. Francia James was wearing nothing but a push-up bra, matching panties, a suspender belt, and a pair of black heels. In the video, the model can be seen hurrying up the female bus driver. Later when the bus driver asked her to get off the bus, she bluntly said no and picked a window seat for herself.

Heаrt аnd fire emojis were used in the comments to show how impressed her followers were with her video.


In another incident, Francia stood in the middle of a Florida shopping center in only her underwear and some festive paint to hand out nuts to passersby. She covered her body with red and blue paint and offered men nuts as they walked past her before a security guard approached her and made her leave.

it cut to the 31-year-old walking out of the mall looking angry. Many people on her Instagram flooded the comment section with their thoughts on her look, and most thought she did an amazing job.

In the past, Francia has gone viral for sharing clips of herself doing things like wearing a thong as a face mask and using body paint to dress up as other famous characters.

Once – she even dressed as a turkey for thanksgiving. Another time, she stripped down and covered her body in paint that looked like Spider-Man, and ran around a mall doing tricks like the superhero.


She also used body paint to dress up as an alien from the movie Avatar once, and visited a gas station mini-mart.

More On Francia James and Laci Kay Somers

With more than 11.3 million Instagram followers, Francia has become a celebrated professional model, known for being the cover face of Playboy Magazine. Hailing from Manizales, Columbia, the 30-year-old model is a self-proclaimed fitness model and comedic content creator.

The model is currently a resident of Miami and is garnering applause from her admirers for the pictures and videos that she posts on her social media handles. The stardom of the model kickstarted after she went viral for dressing up as Navi from Avatar along with another woman in 2015. In 2019, she also made news for her petting videos with an elephant and a lemur, respectively.


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