Frog in My Hand TikTok Prank Goes Viral

TikTok prank Frog in My Hand is getting viral on the social media app and people are loving the concept. Let us take a look at this article so to get some greater updates.


What is the Frog in My Hand TikTok prank?

Pranks, advice, and tricks, among other things, abound on TikTok, and their virality is astounding.

Recently a TikTok prank Frog in My Hand is attaining huge popularity, thus TikTok users are pranking their family and friends using a frog and other small creatures on their hands.

Just with this little prank is garnering millions of views on the TikTok influencers or users who are performing this insane prank.

Therefore with this insane amount of good pranks which are present on the app, this Frog in my hand prank is itself an insane and weird prank performed on a family member or a friend which itself leads to hilarious results.


Frog in my hand is thus a very hilarious and weird prank which involves pranking another person imagining that there’s a frog on their hands who is jumping.


It should not be this difficult 😂😂 #mudyandshamy

♬ original sound – Mudyandshamy

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How to perform the viral Frog in My Hand TikTok Prank?

Well, this Frog in my h and prank is a very hilarious prank even to try and the results are somewhat very hilarious.


Because of this, it may be played on a friend or a family member, and seeing the funny effects of it is kind of the finest part of the prank.

As the name suggests, the viral prank involves someone getting a family member or a friend to imagine that there is a small frog or another tiny creature-like fly in their hand. Thus they begin by telling the other person that there is a frog in their hands and it’s going to jump three times, they thus move their eyes up and down watching the frog jump and thus after saying it’s too hot they ask the other person to hold it’s a coat.

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Therefore then the imaginary person jumps the frog three times and then asks the other person whether they really see a frog in their hand and thus if the answer is no to which the one performing the prank will respond then “why are you holding its coat?”

Thus the end results are very hilarious and funny which becomes a great sort of laughter and fun for the other person to enjoy.


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