Heather Land shaved her head: fans are interested to know why

Comedian Heather Land was caught swirling a shaved head in her new comedy video. Some of her fans are now curious to know the purpose behind her fresh peek.  

Heather Land is a social media rarity who is known for her comedy and her comedy-styled posts. She has millions of followers on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. In her videos, she uses the particular Snapchat big-eyed and wide-mouthed filter whenever she shares morsels of her life. 

In her latest Instagram story, she discussed some of the reactions and experiences of getting bald-headed.

On August, 2 Tuesday, the comedian seemed to have new hair in her recent Instagram stories and Facebook post. with the particular Snapchat filter. In the video, she talked over her freshly shaved hair as she expressed some of the responses it has massed.

At one point, she humored about how her son had correlated her to a peanut m&m in the second ig story, and while she was out shopping in Target, a kid moreover asked her if she was a Despicable Me cartoon character named Gru.


The comedienne declared she had trimmed her head the previous month 

Land reflected she had trimmed her hair off in a video shared across her social media last month. In the statements of the video, fans were seen to share a discharge of support for the comedian.


Someone wrote: “Thank you for being vulnerable and honest. Truly inspiring.” Another added: “You are beautiful. Thank you for your transparency.”

Heather Land
Heather Land

Following the post, Heather thanked her lovers for her endless support as she shared a snap of herself with her new gaze while at the lakeside. Written over that picture was a summary to her followers, which read: “Thank you for all the affection you’ve shown me. Reading every comment… I’m overwhelmed.”

She also shared a video on her YouTube channel telling the reason why she got bald.

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The Reason behind Heather Land shaving her head


While declaring openly she had shaved her head in the same video, Heather also opened up on the explanation behind her verdict. 

In that 11-minute video shared previously, she clarified that she had suffered from hair loss over the past year and a half. Around the past six to eight months, she expected a difference in the composition of her hair. She also had to pale on the top and sides of her scalp. 

She started noticing the alterations in her hair after she got covid. Nonetheless, she is in the process of learning the medical reason behind the hair loss from her physician. 

Certainly, Land is in touch with her PCPs to examine and chip off at long-haul explanations for her going bald. Yet, a sharp one, to everybody’s judgment, was a hairpiece. In this attitude, she started browsing for likely hair pieces and wigs that would conform to her taste. Moreover, Heather also implied in her video that she is delighted that her balding isn’t concentrated on any disease.

In any case, she experienced a considerable agreement of close-to-home pressure given her balding. She was crying each time her hair was separated from her scalp and was defenceless against negative slants of feelings until she trimmed her hair. Wearing hairpieces just gave her finishing joy. At the point when she unlocked her hairpiece, the emotions were once again at it once more.


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