Hilaree Nelson an American Ski Mountaineer missing in Nepal Mountain: What’s the Update?

The Rescue operation for the American Ski Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is currently going on and people are thus curious to know about the update so far made by the authorities to find the American Ski Mountainer. But what exactly happened with her, let us explore in this article.


American Ski Mountaineer Hilaree Nelson missing on Nepal Mountain

A very unexpected and unfortunate incident happened in the Nepal Mountains when on Monday, an avalanche at a lower elevation on Mount Manaslu swept several climbers, which, therefore, killed many people including some climbers who were there for skiing and guides.

And with this, one of the American women Hilaree Nelson who was skiing in the Nepal Himalayan Mountains with her partner Jim Morrison from the 8,163-metre fell off the mountain. She reached the top of the Himalayan Mountain but fell into a deep feet crevasse as she skied down the world’s highest eighth peak, as per Jiban Ghimire of the Kathmandu-based Shangri -La Nepal Trek which in a way organized the whole expedition.


The Avalanche at a lower elevation on the Mountain took the lives of numerous people including the climbers and guides as reported by the Nepalean authority, but the rescue for the American ski mountaineer Hilaree Nelson is currently going on.

There is so far no evidence out yet, that proves the current condition of the American ski mountaineer, but fans are thus praying that the authorities found her.

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Who is Hilaree Nelson, the American Ski Mountaineer?

Hilaree Nelson is an American ski mountaineer who became the first female to complete two 8000-meter peaks in 24 hours.

The American mountaineer is named one of “The Most 25 Adventurous Women of the Past 25 Years” by Men’s Journal as well as she is also named one of National Geographic’s 2018 Adventurers of the Year.

Hilaree Nelson
Hilaree Nelson (Instagram)

Have the Nepal authorities found the American Mountainer? What’s the Update?

With the news of Hilaree Nelson missing, authorities are continuously on their way to make sure that something happens.


Since on Monday, the visibility and due to bad weather conditions, the authorities were not able to go on with their searching and rescue work, but on Tuesday everything was looking good, and the hovering of the helicopter continued so as to see any signs of the missing ski mountaineer.

As per sources, some climbers caught in the Avalanche on Monday, while some of the injured flown to Kathmandu for treatment of their injuries at hospitals.

The Nepal authority also stated, “We are in touch with Hilaree’s family and supporting search and rescue efforts in every way we can,”.


Fans and friends of Hilaree are hoping and praying that the authority rescues Hilaree.

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