Hollace and Lily, Two Kids Were Killed by Two Pet Pit Bulls, Left Mom Kirstie Jane Bennard Injured

In a horrific incident, two children Hollace and Lily were attacked and killed by the family’s two pit bulls (breed) dogs at home in Tennessee.

The two kids — Hollace and Lily Bennard were five months old and two year old respectively. Their mother Kirstie Jane Bennard fought a lot to save her babies.

Two Pit bulls were under the custody of Memphis Animal Service. But later, euthanized by the non-profit animal shelter organization.


Two Children– Hollace and Lily Brutally Attacked By Family Pit Bulls

Shelby County Sheriff officers reached were asked to reach the 700 block of Sylvan Road near Shelby Forest State Park.

Around 3.30 pm, the news came that two children Hollace and Lily– of which one is a 5-month toddler and other a two-year-old are attacked by two family dogs of the pit bull breed.

The kids were pronounced dead at the scene. While the mother who fought to get the dogs off the babies is gravely injured. She is at Regional One Health in critical condition.


On Thursday, the Shelby County Sheriff updated about the health condition of Mom Kirstie Jane Bennard. He shared that her condition is upgraded and is now more stable and bearable.

Hollace and Lily
Credit: Facebook/kirstie Jane Bennard

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Police Investigation Findings

The investigation is still ongoing and in active mode. The officers are trying to understand what prompted the dogs to attack the kids. Moreover, the focus is on finding the trigger factor.

As per the detectives who were at the scene, the family was in the house when the dogs attacked the children. Shelby County Sheriff also kept the reporters updated through tweets-

“detectives are on scene at the 700 block of Sylvan Road near Shelby Forest State Park, where at about 3:30 pm two family dogs attacked a 2-year-old girl, a 5-month-old boy, and their mother in the home. The children were pronounced deceased on the scene.”

Further, the paramedic team transferred the wounded mother to the hospital.


The family posted pictures of the Two pit bulls on their Facebook page often. Moreover, the home where the kids were attacked might be their grandparent’s house.

Apart from this, nothing much is available as of now. The County sheriff promised to keep the case updated through official tweets.

The victim’s family and Mom Kirstie Jane Bennard are not in the position to give comments.

Where Are Dogs Responsible For Attack Now?

Two Pit bulls were under the control of Memphis Animal Services. Later on Thursday afternoon, both dogs were euthanized.

euthanize is to put an animal to death humanely which does not involve pain. It happens to mostly sick or old animals.


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