How Did American Comedian Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr Die?

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr was a creative prop comedian who rose to fame for smashing watermelons as part of his act passed away from organ failure. The comedian was 76 years old. His former manager Craig Marquardo confirmed his death.

Leo have had suffered several heart attacks in recent times and he was receiving medical care in a hospital in California.


Why was Gallagher famous?

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr produced several well-liked shows for HBO in addition to another 12-hour-long special for the network.

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr used to smash food on the stage in front of his audience with a hammer. He called the act “Sledge-O-Matic”. Then he used to throw the remains to the audience.

The watermelon and his hammer was his famous show play. Most of the time he used to smash the watermelon with his hammer.


Gallagher also became well-known for his razor-sharp observational humor and clever wordplay.

Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr
Leo Anthony Gallagher Jr (Credit: Getty Images)

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Gallagher did thousands of shows during covid

Leo Anthony Gallagher has done more than 3,500 performances in his whole career. That’s a huge milestone for any performer.

Gallagher starred in his debut film, “The Book of Daniel,” and hosted a protracted Geico commercial. He did all these works in his senior years.

He went on a tour to many countries for his shows and named it Last Smash, mainly because his acts included mostly smashing things.

The rift between Gallagher and his brother Ron

Leo Anthony Gallagher offered his brother Ron Gallagher something. He told his brother that he can use Gallagher’s main act of smashing food in his acts. Because of this audience thought of Ron Gallagher as the main performer, not Leo. And this was mainly depicted by the media that Ron was the performer of these acts. No one even noticed that Ron was using Leo’s act in his every performance.

Slowly and gradually Ron started doing acts of Leo in his performances and promoted himself through the name of Leo.

Leo wanted to stop him but Ron proceeded to perform the “Sledge-O-Matic”.

Gallagher’s brother took the credit for his work

Leo Anthony Gallagher filed a case in the year 2000 against his brother for stealing intellectual property and doing fraud.

It was said that Leo’s act contained homophobia and bigotry, and some venues even called off his performances. These charges hampered him.

American Comedian Leo Anthony Gallagher left behind his two children. Daughter Aimee and son Barnaby.


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