How Did Lauren Bernett Die? Who are Her Parents? Family Situation After Her Death

Lauren Bernett, Duke’s softball catcher, died. This sad news was announced on Tuesday by James Madison University. The tragic news of Lauren Bernett’s death has still not been accepted by many people as she was a young girl with a long road to travel.


How Did Lauren Bernett Die?

According to authorities in Virginia, Lauren Bernett died of an apparent suicide. But students at James Madison University say Lauren Bernett didn’t commit suicide. Her cause of death is not in knowledge by anyone close to her, and Rockingham County Sheriff’s Department in Virginia did not return calls straightaway.

Although Internet rumors have circulated that she committed suicide, it would be unethical to confirm or present the issue until one of the established sources has responded. The JMU described its death as a “tragic event of immense proportions.”


JMU sophomore catcher Bernett had a good week on the diamond for the Dukes. The record-setting outing took place on April 16 when she drove in seven runs while hitting three hits. During a series against Drexel that followed a few days later, on April 23, she had seven hits in nine at-bats.

Her outstanding performance also earned her the CAA Player of the Week honor. Bennett helped James Madison’s 2021 Women’s College World Series team to victory with a batting average of 336 and nine home runs.

Lauren Bernett
Lauren Bernett

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Who are Her Parents?

There has been no comment from Lauren Bennett’s family regarding her death, who are in sorrow now. The university where she studied, her second family, tweeted after learning of her death.

In a tweet, it was that their hearts were broken following the loss of a student-athlete. She had been born in 2001, making her 20 when she died.

You can also find her on Instagram, where her handle is @lbernett_22, and she has over 2,898 followers. According to her bio, she plays softball for James Madison University. Comments on her profile are replete with condolences.

Family Situation After Death of Lauren Bernett

It was unthinkable. I am sure many will love her for her outstanding performances. After hearing about her passing, we were unfortunate as a school and staff. It was a loss to our school and our nation that she passed away. We are all grieving the loss of one of our student-athletes. JMU athletics disclosed neither the cause of death nor any other details.

It was just a few days after her 20th birthday when she died. Although she was in many situations in her life, she overcame them each step by step. While playing softball at the international level, she was raised in herself and her parents’ eyes.

It has been a privilege having Lauren as a member of the Duke community. Everyone will miss her. After James Madison swept Drexel this past weekend, the CAA named Bernett the conference’s Player of the Week on Monday. In the series, Bernett hit 7 of 9 balls. He scored four runs and drove in seven. Sunday, she scored four runs and recorded seven hits.


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