How did Neena Pacholke, Wisconsin Morning News Host Die?

Neena Pacholke, the Wisconsin morning news host, died on August 27. She was a television news anchor for the ABC television affiliate in Wausau, Wisconsin.

Neena Pacholke elder sister Kaitlynn Pacholke confirmed the news of her death by Suicide. She said that sometimes you just don’t know what people are going through, no matter how much you think you know someone.


Neena Pacholke, Wisconsin Morning Host Died

The well-known Wisconsin morning host Neena Pacholke died on August 27. Neena Pacholke worked as an anchor for ABC television affiliate WAOW in Wisconsin.

At the age of 27, Neena Pacholke bid her goodbye to the world forever. Everyone including her family and the WAOW community is devastated by her loss.

WAOW was the first to announce Neena Pacholke’ death publicly on Sunday, August 28. They also wrote, “the entire team here at News 9 are absolutely devastated by the loss as we know so many others are as well.”


The channel added “Nina loved this community and the people who lived here. She was a kind person with a big heart and a contagious smile and we will miss her greatly.”

Neena Pacholke’ co-anchor also expressed grief over her death and wrote some lines remembering her on Facebook. 

In tribute to his co-anchor Neena, he wrote that “being your co-anchor Meena was an honor. You were Batman and I was Robin.” 

He further added, “when I joined WOAW you made it clear we were going to work hard and compete with the best.”

He kept writing and said, “let’s remember Nina Pacholke for the beautiful person she was. The brightest light in the room. The biggest smile and the funniest laugh.”

Neena Pacholke
Neena Pacholke (Credit: Neena Pacholke/Facebook)

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Neena Pacholke Death Reason

Neena’s Elder sister Kaitlynn Pacholke confirmed on Monday that her sister Nina passed away on August 27 by suicide.

In a conversation with Times, she said that she thought her sister was the happiest person she knew. 

Kaitlynn also talked about her unawareness of Neena’s mental health. Kaitlynn said that sometimes you just don’t know what people are going through, no matter how much you think you know someone.

Neena’s sister further added, ” my sister had access to every resource you could imagine. She was loved by everybody. She was good at her job.”

Kaitlynn told the Times that “Neena just radiated love and positivity. And she just cared so much about pouring into other people and always putting other people first. I think she did that at the expense of not caring about herself.” 


Neena was a high school baseball star at Freedom High school in Tampa, Florida. She kept playing baseball for 3 years of her college beginning at the University of South Florida.

She also became a member of two baseball teams that appeared in the NCAA tournament. 

According to the Times, Neena joined WOAW in 2017 as a multimedia reporter and was promoted to work as an anchor in 2019.

The Last Post of Neena Pacholke on Twitter is dated August 17 which is a retweet from author John garden about positivity and believing in the best.

“We are not positive because life is easy. We are positive because life can be hard.” The post read.


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