How Did Teddy Ray Died? Comedian Died Aged 32

The death of Teddy Ray at the age of 32 shocked fans. The comedian died on Friday. How did he die?

The comedian was discovered floating in a pool at a house in Rancho Mirage, California, on Friday and was later declared dead. He was just 32 years old. His work with Russell Simmons and Katt Williams made him well-known.

The fans are in shock after the sudden passing of Ray. The social media platforms are flooding with people paying tribute to the funnyman.


Teddy Ray dies at 32

Theadore Brown was the comedian’s full name, and he resided in Gardena.
Ray, a gifted performer who came into the comedy scene roughly ten years ago. He was seen in YouTube videos and stand-up performances across the nation.

His notable performances were in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.
He first rose to fame thanks to Russell Simmons’ platform All Def Digital. There a number of his sketches went viral and became the basis for viral memes.

Ray appeared in the eight seasons of “Wild ‘N Out” on MTV and “Pause With Sam Jay” on HBO Max.


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Cause of Death

Teddy Ray died on Friday, 12 August. A representative of his family shared the news. When Los PopaVotch shared a tweet about Ray’s demise it went viral. Although the cause of death did not appear immediately, it happened to be drowning.

According to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, a maintenance worker alerted authorities about a guy floating in a pool. The incident took place at 10 am Friday in Rancho Mirage, California.

There were no overt indications of foul play in connection with the death. The authorities identified the person in the pool as Teddy Ray.

The owner of the house where Ray died did not immediately known. Despite the fact that authorities claimed Ray lived nearly 125 miles to the west, in Gardena, California.

Comedy Central shared a tweet paying tribute to the comedian saying, “Teddy Ray was a hilarious and beloved performer. He’ll be deeply missed by the entire comedy community.”

Teddy Ray
Teddy Ray

Ray’s Early Life and Career

Born on July 30, 1990, and a resident of West Los Angeles, Teddy’s life as a comedian began. He did acting along with comedy. Due to his debut on Russell Simmon’s comedy channel, All Def Digital, the “funny man” became well-known.


His work on the website helped him become a fan favorite and helped his YouTube channel gain more subscribers. On YouTube, he had about 33K subscribers, and he had 202K Instagram followers.

Teddy co-hosted a podcast with Lewis Ray named Cali Kickback. Along with touring with well-known artists like Katt Williams and David Spade, he became a favorite of stars like Jamie Foxx and T-Pain.

Teddy played at the Comedy Central Colossal Clusterfest and received his first television special on BET. He worked in Scroll Wheel of Time, Hot To Be Broke, and Funny Fat Guy.


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