How Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears are Related

Fans are always curious about their favorite celebs’ life. Besides the media often digs out some unknown information related to our favorite celebs. We often get to know the relationship between some celebrities. Recently Famous Kin has claimed that Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe share the same ancestors. And of course, people are now in disbelief with this theory. Although no confirmation can verify this theory. Thus there is ongoing speculation among netizens.


Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears are supposedly related

There is an ongoing buzz going on about the relationship between Britney Spears and Marilyn Monroe. Recently we came across a shocking development that both the stars have common ancestors.

Besides, it is said their common ancestors are Richard Scott and Catherine Marbury. Thus from when this news circulated, netizens starts speculating. Reportedly, Manrilyn’s grandfather was Charles Stanley Gifford. And Charles has descended from Richard and Catherine. Similarly, Britney’s parents also have distant relations with the same ancestor. Thus there is speculation they are cousins.

Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears
Image: Marilyn Monroe and Britney Spears

Undoubtedly it’s amusing to know that both the legends are distant cousins. However, Britney has not said anything about this speculation. Besides Marilyn passed away long before the birth of the pop singer. Although it is yet to get confirmation, netizens are on cloud nine with this latest theory. They are even heading to Twitter to share their thoughts about this exclusive update.


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Fans are in disbelieve

After knowing the supposed relationship between Britney and Marilyn, there is disbelief among netizens. Therefore fans are speculating about them on Twitter. Netizens have found a sensational topic to discuss.

Although fans are wondering whether there is truth in this claim. But some netizens are convinced by this news. Besides they are even speculating about the uncanny resemblance between the two stars. Hence netizens are sharing pics of Marilyn and Britney to showcase their resemblance. And of course, we can’t deny there is some resemblance in their facial features.

It’s amusing to think that their similarity is likely because of the same lineage. Of course, there is no confirmation but their resemblance is fueling the rumor. But one thing is so apparent that both of them are style icons of their times.

Besides fans are still in awe of the style statement of Marilyn Monroe. Recently Kim Kardashian has given tribute to Marilyn by wearing her dress. But unfortunately, Kim had to face massive backlash for her stunt at the Met Gala. People criticized her for losing an excess weight of 16 pounds.

Similarities of Marilyn and Britney

After surfacing rumors about them, fans are keen to find similarities between them. Undoubtedly we can observe uncanny similarities between their facial features. But apart from their look, they have faced some similar situations in life.

Therefore keeping aside the speculation of this family theory, both of them have one thing similar. It is believed that Marilyn had severe depression. Even Britney had suffered due to her highly controlling father. Besides no matter what’s the truth in the family theory, it’s surely an interesting development.


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