How to Buy Snoop Loopz, Breakfast Cereal Launched by Snoop Dogg?

Snoop Dogg launched his cereal business named Snoop Loopz. The entry of Dogg in the food venture is official. How to buy this breakfast cereal?

Recently, the rapper released Unhealthy Choices alongside BTS and Benny Blanco. With the song’s popularity, it appears that Snoop is expanding his business in yet another wise decision.
The announcement made on 15 August is already making people excited to try the new breakfast cereal.


What is Snoop Loopz?

Snoop Loopz is a new breakfast cereal launched by SnoopDogg. It is a mixture of Froot Loops and marshmallows. A Gluten-free cereal is made of more corn, more flavor, and more marshmallows.

The multigrain cereal will be distributed by Snoop Dogg’s company Broadus Foods, which already produces pancake mix and oatmeal under Mama Snoop’s brand.

Master P through his social media shared a post with the image of the new cereal box. He wrote, “MORE Corn, MORE Flavor & MORE Marshmallows that’s what separated us from the REST. If you like Fruit Loops then you will LOVE SnoopLoopz.”


Snoop Loopz doesn’t have any specific release date yet. According to Master P, the cereal will be the best testing cereal in the game.

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A step towards charity

The brand has taken a step towards charity. Customers who purchase the rapper’s new boxed breakfast will reportedly also donate money to organizations, according to the Snoop Loopz website.

The company says they will donate a portion of every purchase to organizations like “door of hope.”

Snoop Loopz

According to the brand, “Offering a place for the night, a hot meal, and a shower, or cash aid alone, cannot solve the heartbreak of homelessness. We take a holistic approach to addressing the causes of homelessness while maintaining intact family units.

We listen to our families, give them a voice, fight for them, and provide them with the resources they require to be successful.”

Snoop’s new collab with XBOX

One of Snoop Dogg’s numerous qualities is his generosity. The rapper was inspired to build the field for The Underdoggs because he has been coaching football for more than 15 years with his Snoop Youth Football League.


Following the release of their single Bad Decisions, XBOX recently admitted to working with Snoop, BTS, and Benny. You must enter the online contest before it closes on August 25 if you want to win the Xbox singing controller.

Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg (Credit: FilmMagic)

Follow the below steps:
Follow the Xbox Twitter account.
Retweet the contest-related tweet with the hashtag “#BadDecisionsSongXboxSweepstakes” in the subject line.

The controller includes an integrated speaker, and a button that plays the music, featuring Bad Decisions, and is bright red in color.


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