How to Earn by Watching TikTok Videos? Know More About TikTok Watching Jobs

A company named Ubiquitous recently opened a job opportunity for people who love TikTok. The user will get paid for binge-watching TikTok for 12 hours straight. However, if the user is not comfortable with watching videos for 12 hours, they can split the time. They can also complete the 12-hour target in three days.


Payout and additional perks from Watching TikTok Videos

Ubiquitous is a TikTok influencer marketing company that wants to gather data about which type of content is popular on TikTok. So, they’ve designed this opportunity for TikTok fanatics.

Along with the wage of $50 per hour, the user will get the following additional perks:

  • $50 UberEats gift card
  • $50 Target Gift Card
  • A Flexible Cell Phone Holder
  • A 12” ringlight and tripod
  • $600 from Ubiquitous

Who can apply to Earn from Watching TikTok Videos?

In their job description, Ubiquitous mentioned that the person needs to be a TikTok lover. Apart from that, they need to have an active social media presence.


Also, the TikTok fanatics must have age 18 years or above. If they are below that age, their application will naturally be rejected.

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What do the users need to do?

All users have to do is share the video they loved the most during their binge-watch across various social media platforms. They also need to tag their profile “ubiquitousofficial” while sharing the videos.

After the completion of the 12-hour binge watch, the company will ask the user to select and rank their top 10 favorite videos. After that, they will have to send those videos to the company.

How to apply?

The interested candidates can head over to the official ubiquitous website and fill out the form. The user needs to fill up the basic information such as Full name, Date of birth, Email address, Phone number, Country of residence, Link to the most active social media account and the number of followers in that account.

The candidates will also have to write what makes them the most qualified candidate for the job in 100 – 200 words. After the candidate wins that round, the company will inform them abouth the guidelines for TikTok Marathon.

Click here to apply online for this job.

Some important points to note before applying

  • Ubiquitous Influence employees, their family members or anyone connected with the competition are not allowed to participate.
  • The application process is completely free of cost.
  • Last date to apply for the competition is October 31st, 2022.
  • Their will be no multiple winners and so, out of all the candidates, only one will be selected.
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