How to Order Rapper Coolio Merch Online After His Death?

Grammy-Award Winning artist Rapper Coolio, a 90s rapping sensation left the world, this Wednesday, 28th September.

After the tragic news came, all the heartbroken fans gathered on the rapper’s website to grab his merch. The response was so strong that the merch website displayed the error 404 not found.

Artist’s website stopped working properly and was out of service for some time. Fans were not able to purchase Coolio’s swag merch which includes- cups, mugs, hoodies, and masks.


Who is Rapper Coolio?

Rapper Coolio was an American rapper who had a career spanning three decades. He rose to prominence with his 1995 smash-hit Gangsta’s paradise for which he won a Grammy award as well.

His discography was characterized by upbeat, energetic songs in the 90s that were laced with a sense of humor. Apart from winning, the rapper was also nominated for the Golden Gramophone 6 times.


Moreover, there is one interesting fact about his highest-selling album Gangsta-paradise. The name of the album initially was Past-time paradise but was later changed.

Before becoming a full-time rapper, Coolie was doing multiple jobs. He revealed to LA Times that Volunteer firefighting helped him fight his cocaine addiction.

“I wasn’t looking for a career; I was looking for a way to clean up   a way to escape the drug thing,” 

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The Cause Of Rapper Coolio’s Death

The Rapper died on 28th September in the afternoon. The reasons for the same are not available as of now. However, as per the captain of the Los Angeles Fire Department, they found a male who was unresponsive and did –

“resuscitation efforts for approximately 45 minutes.”

The paramedic’s team received a medical emergency call at 4 pm. But the patient was determined dead before 5 pm.

An autopsy report which is due will give a clear reason for the death of Rapper Coolio. Moreover, an investigation will be carried out as well.

How To Buy Rapper Coolio Merch Online?

As mentioned above, after the Rapper’s untimely death, many fans visited his website to get some merch for themselves. But they did not get the goodies easily.

The website crashed and showed a 404 error. This is due to the heavy traffic directed on the page.


So, if one wants to buy Rapper Coolio’s merch, one can head to

. After that, click on the Coolio merch store to purchase the cool stuff.

Because of the traffic, it might show error keep trying at different time.

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