Hurricane Ian In Florida: How To Know Your Evacuation Zone

The State authorities of Florida are on a high alert as the grave danger of Hurricane Ian is swirling around the state.

Florida Governor Gov. Ron DeSantis addressed the citizens and urged residents to evacuate the low-lying areas as soon as possible. However, he also assured that “Safety is Paramount.”

Residents in Florida started hoarding groceries, supplies, and keeping themselves informed about the forecasts. The authorities have also urged them to evacuate the dangerous areas prone to hurricanes.

There are 7 evacuation Zones in Florida.


Evacuation Zones In Florida

There is an advisory issued for people to leave their homes before the arrival of Hurricane Ian. On Friday, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced a state of Emergency in the state. Cuba suffered a heavy Category 3 storm with 125 mph winds. Hence, around 50,000 were compelled to leave their places.

There is apprehension that the intensity of Hurricane Ian might level up to category 4 as it reaches the States. So, if you are living in the state, know the evacuation zones and don’t panic.


As per the Florida Disaster, there are a total of 7 evacuation zone in Florida.

  • Zone A (Red)
  • Zone B (Orange)
  • Zone C (Yellow)
  • Zone D (Green)
  • Zone E (Purple)
  • Zone F
  • Zone L

Head to Know Your Zone Map and enter your address. After that, see if your address falls in any of the colored categories.

If it is, see the order as Zone A is most vulnerable and will be a top priority and Zone L will be the last.

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Compulsory Evacuation Notice For Zone A

According to the National Hurricane Centre, Hurricane Ian is a major hurricane. It could be one of the worst hurricanes to have ever hit the state. Hence, all the preparations are carried out at the best level.

For Residents living in Zone A, a compulsory evacuation order has been issued. Evacuation for people residing in areas- Charlotte County, Hillsborough County, Levy Country, Pasco County, Pinellas County, and Sarasota County is mandatory.

This is going to be a big storm and there will be a significant impact. Hence, authorities are leaving no stone unturned to shelter the citizens.


Some areas that are in Zone B and Zone C are also notified of evacuation. This include- Lee County, Manatee County, Hernando County, and Collier County.

Credit: FOX Weather

Safety Measures To Take

There is no need to panic and rush for essentials as the state will be at your rescue. If you are asked to leave a place, obey the authorities.

Moreover, the best option would be to stay at your friends or family’s home which does not come under evacuation zones.


Everything will be under control if one follows the instructions.

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