I Don’t Need To BeReal TikTok Trend Explained and How to Do

Recently, a new TikTok trend called “I Don’t Need To BeReal” has become extremely popular. In this trend, users typically post their video on the video sharing platform with a text saying “I Don’t Need To BeReal”.


What is “I Don’t Need To BeReal” trend ?

Time and time again, the short video sharing app gets in the talks for various viral trends. These trends keep on changing and get viral almost every week. The users also don’t stop themselves from jumping into the bandwagon to find escapism from their boring and mundane lives. Some of these trends are bizarre, some are funny while others are downright horrifying.

One such trend that has been catching everybody’s attention is the “I Don’t Need To BeReal” trend. This is a new meme trend that says that you want to be anything but not be real. This trend is a unique play on words that is inspired by the popular photo sharing app “BeReal”.


almost a year now 😅#FlexEveryAngle #fyp #bereal

♬ weak speed – love?¿

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How to do I Don’t Need To BeReal trend?

In this trend, the users are required to post to short video clips. In the first video clip, users should use onscreen text that reads, “I don’t need to be BeReal”. After uploading the first clip, the users have to post a second clip and write, “I need to Be___”. The users can then fill in the blank by using their own creative words of choice.

The example sentences to fill in the blanks can be “AGoodFriend”, “TakingANap”, etc. The users have to use the music weak speed — love ? in their video.

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Users are going crazy over this trend

This trend is about making fun of the popular app BeReal which tells you to post an authentic picture of yourself within a stipulated amount of time. Many users feel that this trend gives a unique sense of self and breaks the stereotypes on looking authentic at all times. Due to these reasons, this trend is getting popular day by day.

@f inding.aj

its so sad bruh#bereal

♬ weak speed – love?¿

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What is BeReal ?

BeReal is a very famous photo and video-sharing app that was launched in 2020. However, it only caught everyone’s attention in 2022. In this app, all the users post their pictures of what they are doing with their location simultaneously.

They have to upload pictures of you and your surroundings within two minutes of the notification. If the users fail to do so, the pictures are labelled as “late”.

This app got so popular because of its unique idea that TikTok felt threatened by it and completely copied the entire concept. It launched a secondary app called “TikTok Now” in which it send the notification to the users, thereby prompting them to upload their photo or video within a fixed amount of time.

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