‘If I Was A’ TikTok Trend: More About This Latest Viral Trend

Tiktok is a storeroom of new trends. You can see one and more trends going viral day by day. From ‘Know yourself challenge’ to ‘If I was A’ it is doing everything to fill people’s life with color and glam. 

Recently ‘If I was a’ Trend has gone viral on TikTok. The latest viral trend uses art to describe someone’s personality. It is so much fun that you will regret missing this.

It is not the Only trend going viral on Tiktok as there are several trends. Most trends use filters such as glam, summer, instant film filter, etc.


More About the Latest ‘If I Was A’ Trend

Tiktok videos are mostly a combination of filters and trimmed videos. Some people use green screens in their videos while others rely on sound features. 

But this is something complicated and tricky. This is why people mostly rely on other craft apps and features to give their videos glam and color. 

The videos on Tik tok

also include ones made of a combination of short videos. Users use video editing apps to trim videos and edit them to create new and impressive videos.

Well, for this kind of video, the Trend ‘If I Was A’ is perfect. If you are familiar with the personality check Trends, you should know that this trend is no more different.

If I Was A TikTok Trend
If I Was A TikTok Trend

But it’s something different from any other Trend that made it go viral recently. To create a video with this trend you first have to insert some questions and answers.

For example, according to your interest, you can ask questions like ‘what if I was a color’ or ‘what if I was a season, etc. Then you have to answer it and your same answer will determine your personality.

It will give you a personality check and also help people understand your personality better. But remember your answer will be in a number of images and photographs. 

The objects in these photographs suggest a better answer so be careful while putting the images. Also, you must remember that for each question you have to put 24 photos in one go.

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What makes this Trend Unique?

As we already told you that this trend is aesthetic but different from any other Trend. What makes this Trend unique is that you have to use the Cap cut or any other video editing app. 

First of all, you have to download a Tiktok video with the sound from the “RUN BOY RUN” song by worked. Now open your video editing medium and import the video.


With the help of the app’s features, extract the video sound and save it. In the Capcut app, use this extracted sound from RUN BOY RUN to create the video.

You must remember that you have to put 24 images in the video. Start with the first one that should contain the question ‘What if I was a’. The video section displaying this question should be 0.8 secs long.

Now import another 24 photos to answer the first question. The video length for these photos should be 0.1 sec each. Then add color to the background to give a good and matchable visual style to the video.


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