“I’ll never forget you” TikTok Meme: ‘How long do tall people live’ Prank is Viral on TikTok

TikTok Pranks are never out of style. You will always find a new prank every week that keeps us entertained and keeps the blues away.

This time “I’ll never forget you” viral meme is doing the rounds on TikTok. People are pranking their tall loved ones by dedicating them with song lyrics after making false google results of their short life spans.

Let’s make you understand how they are doing it.


How Long Do Tall People Live Prank Goes Viral

TikTok is a one-stop entertainment destination for people who have a short retention span. We find silly, funny, and charming dance videos going viral. One such was the Kiki dance challenge.

In this new viral prank video, tall people are the target!

After searching for “How long do tall people live” on google, one will be shown a peculiar result. They got the age group of 12-15 years. This is surely a false estimation. But, TikTok users decided to make this a fun prank.

Credit: 12xenia05/TikTok, hunqtu/TikTok, and mccallum.cole/TikTok

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I’ll Never Forget You TikTok Meme

Creative TikTokers modify these search results to suit the characteristics of their friends and prank them. One user searched “How long do idiots live” or “How long do emos live” and edited the search result according to their pal’s attributes.

After all this planning and plotting, they message their target with the song lyric “I’ll never forget you”. This is a heartfelt song by MNEK and Zara Larsson. But the prank makes it hilarious.

So the other person being pranked has no clue why they are getting these sappy messages from their friend. Only after seeing the whole video, they come to know of the prank. Hence, GenZ is onto something new and fun every time.

TikTok (Credit: Getty Images)

Absurd Reactions To The Viral Trend

TikTok Videos and Challenges are fun but more fun is the reactions of the people. After making “How long do tall people live” go viral, millennials started pouring condolence messages to their pranked friends.


These absurd reactions stormed the TikTok app in no time. As a result, more people started taking part in the harmless trend and having fun.

It is interesting to see the popularity that these viral memes enjoy nowadays. The verbal war between short and tall people is always discussed. So, this bizarre prank seems another way of mocking the community of tall people.

Anyhow, the popularity of the trend and people’s reactions to it are nothing but amusing!


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