Ime Udoka Scandal: Who is The Female Staff Member, Ime Udoka Had Affair with?

Ime Udoka, Boston Celtics head coach, recently got suspended for a year for having an inappropriate affair with a staffer.


The full controversy of Ime Udoka

Ime Udoka became the coach of Celtics last summer. He immediately turned the tables of the team by giving them positive results. As a result of his guidance, the Boston Basketball franchise came to it’s first NBA finals since 2010.

According to the reports, the team was aware of the affair between them all the way back in July. They didn’t bother to meddle in his private matters. It was also believed that this relationship was consensual. However, the news recently broke out on Thursday that the coach made unwanted advances on her.

Who was Ime Udoka in a relationship with?

The recent rumors say that he w as having an affair with Kathleen Nimmo Lynch, wife of Celtics VP Patrick Lynch. But this news hasn’t been confirmed yet.


The coach is in a longtime relationship with actress Nia Long. They were dating each other since 2010 and got engaged in 2015. They even have a son named Kez. However, they haven’t tied the knot yet.

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Why did the coach get suspended?

Brad Stevans, a former head coach and now a franchise president conducted an hour long meeting behind the closed doors with the team on Thursday. They finally decided to hand down an unprecedented disciplinary action.

As the female staff member complained about the unwanted comments made by Udoka, the team decided to suspend coach for the term 2022 – 2023. The reason for this suspension, according to the sources was “violations of team policy”.

Ime Udoka
Ime Udoka (Credit: Getty Images)

The public outrage

The internet is notorious for slamming any celebrity for their wrongdoings and the same thing happened this time. The public, including his fans, took to their respective social medias and slammed Udoka for cheating on his fiancee. Some even went as far as to say him crazy and that Nia should move on with her life.


Ime Udoka apology

Ime Udoka recently released a statement on Thursday night. In this statement he publicly apologized everyone for his actions.

He said, “I want to apologize to our players, fans, the entire Celtics organization, and my family for letting them down,” the statement read. “I am sorry for putting the team in this difficult situation, and I accept the team’s decision. Out of respect for everyone involved, I will have no further comment.”

Who will be the next coach?

The team will open training next week and kick off the year long campaign on 18 October. Assistant coach Joe Mazzulla will serve as the interim coach for the time being. This 34 year young man joined the team in 2019. He served both under Udoka and Stevans during that period.

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