Is Angel Guice in Jail Now as She was Violently Arrested by Atlanta Police?

Now that Everyone is familiar with Angel Guice and her violent arrest, people are wondering the reason behind her arrest or if is it really what it seems like it is. After a lot of outrage on social media, the topic has been the recent buzz among them. This article provides all the major insights, let’s check it out.


Who is Angel Guice?

Angel Guice has created a lot of a name for herself in the Atlanta industry. She is a well-known actress and director in the Atlanta Industry.

Being a California girl who is 32 years old. She completed her high school education at Booker T. Washington High School. She later went to Talladega College so to study Business management.

Angel Guice has been recently in the news after her violent encounter with a police officer, a recent video which showcases Angel’s violent encounter with a masked police officer has been hugely viral on social media.


This video has made her name rise within the world, and now people are constantly searching about her life, her professional career etc.

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Angel Guice in Jail for the violent arrest?

Recently a video is going viral on social media, where Angel, known for her acting and direction skills in the Atlanta Industry is facing a violent encounter with a police officer, which led her to arrest.

Angel Guice’ sister Foxii Roxcii narrated the whole incident on Instagram stating that Angle and her friend were hanging out in the park but the situation got worse when a masked official came to them and asked for IDs also giving them a citation to sign.

Because Angel Guice wanted to know the reason behind signing the citation and also know the badge and the officer’s number.

In the video, the policeman can also be seen stating that she is under arrest, and even Angel asks questions about her arrest.

Why was Angel Guice getting arrested?

Well, it looks like Angel and her friend were unaware of the park rules in Atlanta city. Being unaware that the park did not let guests remain for a single day, and also refusing to sign on the citations led both of them to jail.

Angel Guice
Angel Guice (Instagram/angelguice)

While both of them were chatting, the police approached the two women and gave them tickets so to sign on them.

Throughout the whole process, Angel Guice kept enquiring about the reason for the sign and also enquiring about the badge number of the officer, but it looks like the officer did not want to listen therefore arresting Angel and her friend.


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