Is Charity Dingle Pregnant? More About Emma Atkins’ Family In Real Life

Fans are outlandish to know whether Charity Dingle is Expecting a baby In Real Life.

Emma Atkins depicts the fictitious Charity Dingle in the British TV soap opera Emmerdale.

 No, she isn’t. She is pregnant on the show Emmerdale.

Coming after the shocking statement that Charity Dingle is keeping up a child, Emmerdale fans guess they have understood the mystery of who the real dad of her kid may be.

The information that Charity is expecting a child, reportedly with her lover Mackenzie Boyd, amazed watchers of the ITV soap opera.

The surprising information was disclosed as she was seen consoling Amelia Spencer from Emmerdale, who is also awaiting, and met Charity in a hospital.

Charity’s prediction also came after her boyfriend, who is also the likely father of the baby,

He made hoaxes about her odd pickle craving, which is a telltale pointer of pregnancy.

The actress commenced shooting her first series in February 2000, and on March 30, 2000, when the episode was released, she made her on-screen debut as Charity.

On May 29, 2018, a flashback episode about Charity’s history was released in which actress Mica Proctor played a young Charity.


The personality has been a part of various high-profile storylines during her time on the show,

She has not talked about her pregnancy publicly and any approved agencies have not shared the announcement yet.

She looked happy with her son now. Moreover, formerly, we have not learned her to see or date anyone. She is popularly recognized to be a star from England.

Emma is not married.


She is already a single mother

She is dominating a single life existing as a single mother to her son called Albert.

Her earlier partner was Tom from whom she got Albert.

There is not much knowledge about her spouse, Tom, the father of Albert, yet, they are not together any longer.

At the age of 40, on 31 March 2015, she gave birth to her son.

Although the actress doesn’t have a husband, she is grateful to Albert and describes him as the best existing she has ever got.

She has posted one pic of Albert on her Instagram page which taken from behind so, his face doesn’t show.

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How Many Children Does Emma Atkins Really Have? 

It also came about to be her birthday.  The script writers assembled a storyline for the loved character to take off the current after she became pregnant in 2014.


Albert, the son of Emma and Tom, was born in 2015, just before Emma’s birthday.

Emma Atkins
Emma Atkins (Credit: Getty Images)

Emma had to enclose her baby’s belly while filming, as she kept her pregnancy private until she gave birth.

She told The Sun after the delivery of her first child: “We have a lovely healthy baby boy.

Emma Atkins As Charity Dingle 

Over her more than 22 years as Charity, the position has been at the centre of some of Emmerdale’s largest well-known plotlines.

Charity Dingle
Charity Dingle (Credit: ITV)

Lately, the local nag attained the Woolpack pub’s ownership, provoking a conflict with her family over effectively obtaining them out.


The ITV soap actress maintains her personal life a secret.

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