Is Jhené Aiko Pregnant in 2022? Relationship of Jhené Aiko and Big Sean

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are all over the news currently. This is because many fans have started to believe that the English singer is pregnant with the American Rapper’s child. The two are in a relationship for quite a while. We will discuss everything about the news ranging from their relationship history to the news and everything you need to know. Stay tuned

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean are related to the music industry. Jhene is a singer and Big Sean is a rapper. The two had started dating back in 2016. They spent a lot of time together with each other since then. A lot of photos and videos of Jhené and Big Sean spending quality time have been in the news. Now it’s AGAIN that a rumor or a fact is getting circulated among the fans of the singer being pregnant.


Jhené Aiko and Big Sean Relationship History

Jhené Aiko
Image: Jhené Aiko and Big Sean(Credit: Getty Images)

The two love birds first met a very long time ago. They met in 2013 when Jhené appeared on Big Sean and Lil Wayne’s single ‘Beware’. That was the first time they were together. And after their appearance in 2013, they made their romantic relationship

public in 2016, after 3 years of seeing each other. According to the sources, the couple also parted ways once, but again rekindled their relationship. They both attended the 2021 Grammy awards with each other. They both were nominees for their respective work.

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The rumor about the first pregnancy

This is not the first time when people are assuming Jhené Aiko is pregnant with Big Sean’s kid. This also happened around 3 years back in 2019. Back in March of the same year Twitter user named @AiltonCeaser took to Twitter and shared a video of a screen recorder of a live stream of Jhené. In the video, a Jhené’s friend asks her when is she doing the gender reveal? When Jhené realizes that the live stream is getting recorded and people are seeing it. She ends the stream. Although, no clarifications or no such news from Jhené and Big Sean ever surfaced again regarding this topic

The Pregnancy rumor now

Now, again after 3 years, the fans are assuming and speculating about Jhené’s pregnancy

. The fans are showing proper photos and videos to support their points. Although the couple has not commented on the pregnancy yet, many are convinced that she is pregnant this time. But, many people are waiting for the couple to announce. Between all the speculations, Jhené’s Instagram stories and posts are striking a lot of curiosity among the fans because the former is always in baggy clothes. Many fans say that this could be her attempt to hide the growing belly from the public. Also, a Twitter user named  @KenKiablo tweeted that he had seen Jhené and Big Sean at Whole Foods where the former was looking pregnant. With all the assumptions, all we can do is wait for the couple’s official announcement.

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