Is Nicholas Brendon Still Alive? Actor Hospitalized After ‘cardiac incident’

Yes! Nicholas Brendon is still alive. He underwent spinal surgery in the past to treat genital and leg paralysis, exacerbated by being forced to sleep in a concrete-floored prison cell.


Nicolas Brendon ‘cardiac arrest’ incident

Nicholas Brendon is in the hospital. He is recovering. Because he got a cardiac arrest.

A photo has been uploaded on his IG account in which he is in the back of an ambulance and in a hospital. Someone provided an update on his behalf.

Nicholas, who starred as Xander Harris on the hit vampire series, lies on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance with his arms crossed above his head. Infact, he was sitting in a wheelchair looking hospitalized.

He wears a face mask and someone stands next to him with tubes and wire. A third disturbing image shows the actor lying down and propped up by one arm, with various medical devices attached to it. Moreover, there’s an image that seemed to share a sweet moment with his dog back home.

“Send prayers for healing,” one fan commented. In February 2021, Nicholas suffered an injury. Sarah, his partner, shared the news of his injury. She said at the time, “Nicky slipped on the ice a few days ago and hurt his back. He finds it difficult to sit and be comfortable.”


In the same month, the actor announced that he needed surgery on his spine. He wrote on Instagram to be careful if you’re affected by ice anywhere. Rare condition and a mistake made a week ago, he’s having spinal surgery.

Sarah was upset that she couldn’t be with him while he undergoes surgery due to a “severe winter storm”. Besides, a fundraiser was started by her at the time to help with Nicholas’ medical expenses and recovery process.

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Who is Nicholas Brendon?

Nicholas Brendon Schultz, professionally known as Nicholas Brendon, is an actor and writer based in the US.

Brendon played Xander Harris for seven years and appeared in all of the 144 episodes.

He continues to attend comic conventions and sci-fi conventions regularly. Furthermore,  Xander’s character in the sequel comic has the involvement of Nicolas.

Nicholas Brendon
Nicholas Brendon (Credit: Getty Images)

Additionally, Brendon has continued to work as an actor, taking on regular recurring roles in television series. Besides he has been appearing in limited films such as Coherence and Big Gay Love, nevertheless, his struggles with substance abuse and depression have proved to be a major turning point for him. They have overshadowed his professional career.

Brendon has been in the public eye since 2010 with multiple arrests and convictions on various charges.

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